• Two (2) large Clamp-On ferrites
  • Four (4) medium Clamp-On ferrites
  • High suppression of RFI at 1-54MHz
  • Easy installation[tx_row]

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Tame your RF Interference (RFI) with Clamp-On RFI-Kit-2! Use these Clamp-On ferrites as RFI suppressors on your radio and shack equipment. If you experiencing any RFI problems in your home just put these on your power supply cables, Computer cables, speakers, modems etc. Just wind 4-8 turns (passes) thru each  for best results.

This kit contains two (2) large Clamp-on’s suitable for power supply cables or any larger diameter cables as well as four (4) smaller ones for small diameter cables such as Wall wart cables, computer network cables, speaker cables, USB cables etc. See pictures for samples and proposed the number of turns.

Six (6) Turns on Large Clamp-On- #M
Five (5) turns on Clamp-On #M
Four (4) turns on Clamp-On #M