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EFHW-8010-1K Plus™ Multiband End Fed Half Wave Antenna

  • 130 Feet (39.6m) long
  • NO TUNER needed!
  • Perfect for ALE HFLink, ARES, EMCOM …
  • Resonant on 80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10m
  • 1kW-ICAS max.
  •  250W continuous in digital modes such as FT8 etc.
  • Stealth #16 AWG XLPE black wire

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EFHW-8010-1K-Plus™ Multi-Band End Fed Half Wave Antenna 

This is an End-Fed Half-Wave (EFHW*) antenna for 80/40/30/20/17/15/12 and 10m bands. Unlike many END FED antennas on the market, this one does not require the Antenna Tuner to operate. It is a resonant Half wave on 80m (3.5MHz) therefore also resonant on second, third, and fourth harmonics, etc.  The antenna transformer is optimized for the lowest insertion loss 3.5-30MHz featuring three stacked cores and a transformation ratio of ~56:1 (~2800:50 Ohms).

The average loss of less than 0.4dB is unmatched by any other similar transformer on the market proving our worldwide leadership in the design of high ratio-wide bandwidth RF transformers for 3-30MHz.  See the Insertion loss chart here. This is the smaller version of our EFHW-8010-2K-Plus model, see the comparison image.

*This is perfect antenna for ALE HF-link  stations, NVIS, MARS, ARES, EMCOMM etc.

Various installations such as horizontal, vertical, inverted V, inverted L,  etc. are possible. Measured VSWR in the gallery are taken with the antenna in an inverted V shape with the center of wire at 20 feet and ends a few feet above the ground, your values could vary with the way and height of installation. For Pole or tower installations additional installation hardware is available on our “Accessories” page.

  • NO TUNER needed!
  • NO counterpoise needed!
  • Grounding of cable at the entrance to the home is recommended
  • Frequency coverage: 3.5-30MHz
  • Resonant on 80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10m
  • Wire length ~130 feet
  • Power Handling: 1kW I.C.A.S
  • 250W continuous in digital modes such as FT8 etc.
  • Stainless Steel hardware
  • Stealth #16 AWG XLPE black wire
  • Connector: Silver/Teflon SO-239

*Grounding at the transformer box or end of the coaxial cable is recommended for the protection of your equipment from an electrostatic buildup in order to prevent ESD- electrostatic discharge.

NOTE: grounding does not affect antenna tuning. If the transformer box is installed high above the ground, there is no need to route the ground wire from the box, instead just ground the coaxial cable at the entrance to your home or at the station.

EFHW-8010-1K-Plus typical SWR at 25-30 feet above the ground fed with 50ft of RG8X coaxial cable


*Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES), ALE-Automatic Link Establishment (HFlink), MARS-The U.S. Army Military Auxiliary Radio System (AMARS), NVIS


Additional information

Weight 40.00 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in

EFHW-8010-1K antenna only, EFHW-8010-1K with Pole Installation Plate

126 reviews for EFHW-8010

  1. Terry WF7E

    Absolutely Amazing, Put it up at about 60 feet to 20 feet and it worked better than any Antenna (Non Beam) I have ever used. And you should see the pile of old G5RV’s I have.
    Try it, You will love it.
    Terry WF7E

  2. Dave NR3E

    Works like a charm. Just like WF7E says, it works on all bands, easy up and no trimming needed. High end up about 30 feet, sloping down to about 6 feet. A well made product and should last many years. Thanks!
    Dave NR3E

  3. John Gurski K3JAG (verified owner)

    As a new Ham I was looking to have access to more bands than my dipole of 3 months would allow. I was also having a problem with noise and after speaking with Danny decided to order his EFHW-8010. My noise level dropped almost in half, my radio a ft-450D will tune on all the advertised bands for the antenna and I’ve had a lot of people ask me about what type of antenna I have after getting good single reports. It does what it says it will and more.

    John K3JAG

  4. Roger Klein-N5RWK (verified owner)

    I spotted this antenna online, and being a fan of end fed antennas I decided to give it a try. I’ve got 40m and 80m dipoles at my QTH, and combining them in a single antenna was appealing. Also, I use an ALS-600 no-tune amp and having an antenna with low SWR on multiple bands makes operation convenient. The EFHW-8010 can easily handle the 600W power output of my amp. Plus, the EFHW-8010 can serve as a backup antenna for my hex beam on the higher frequency bands.

    The antenna matchbox is installed at the top of a 17′ PVC mast. The antenna wire is supported at the midpoint by a 32′ fiberglass mast, and the end is tied off to a tree at 35′. I’ve got the matchbox grounded, and have installed a common mode choke at the feedpoint (which is possibly overkill).

    I checked SWR with my analyzer and on most bands it is excellent. The minumum SWR is less than 1.5 on the 10, 12, 15, 20 and 40 meter bands. Across the 12, 15 and 20m bands the SWR is less than 1.6. For 40m it’s 2.0 or less from 7.0 to 7.3 Mhz. On 80m, the minimum SWR is 1.6, and it is below 2.0 from the bottom of the band through 3.7 Mhz. The antenna doesn’t do quite as well on 17m and 30m (the harmonic relationship of these bands is a bit off) and SWR is 2.3 and 2.8 respectively.

    But SWR aside, how it performs is the important point. I’ve done comparisons to my 40m and 80m dipoles as well as my 6BTV multiband vertical and the performance is very similar. On some occasions the EFHW-8010 is a little better, and sometimes it’s not – but it’s close. So I can say the EFHW-8010 works very well.

    All in all, I’m very satisfied with the antenna. It works well, it’s multi-band, it complements my other antennas and is relatively easy to install being an end-fed.

    Roger, N5RWK

  5. Bob-W0TLX

    I needed an effective low-band antenna that I could put up and keep the wife happy too. I wanted to string it partially between my two chimneys (about 40 ft) and stretch the rest of it into a tree in the far end of my back yard. Feeding it like a normal flattop involved coax and unsightly center insulator being visible. Danny, owner of My Antennas, a former antenna designer at Cush-Craft, suggested an end-fed design, the EFHW-8010 for this configuration. I always felt end-fed antennas had low angle radiation, but at lower heights (3 ft off my roof for part of it), it would have a lot of high angle radiation. Sure enough, it works like Gang Busters! SWR is 1.5:1 right where I use it most on 80 meters (after some trimming). The antenna works great and is hardly visible with #18 black wire. If you have a unique installation or just want a great antenna, check out Danny’s web site, http://www.myantennas.com. You will be very pleasantly surprised, and it handles the power too!

    Bob, W0TLX

  6. GERD-IN3EBZ (verified owner)

    Hi Dany. On 16 November 2015 I ordered the EFHW-8010. On December 5, the antenna is then arrived. Everything had gone fine, but the customs in Italy wanted the antenna also 10 days inspect Hii …
    Now I could see the EFHW-8010 extensively test .In my Qth I work mostly on
    80/40 and because the antenna plays really great. Only the
    30 and 17mtr band I need the tuner from the TS 480, but this is due to the suspension of my Qth and not at the antenna. The last few years I had tested several antennas (Long Wire, City Windom ect.), But the
    EFHW- 8010 is my absolute favorite !!! The EFHW-8010 I will certainly recommend many Oms’ !!

    73 de IN3EBZ

  7. John – ZS5J

    I bought this EFHW 80-10 antenna in early September 2015. I had it shipped to Wales, UK where I was on vacation. I installed it in a field on a farm, feed point at 15 ft and sloping to the top of a tree at 50 ft. I had several antennas that I could switch between – 40m loop, 80m loop, GAP TITAN all band vertical, 80m 1/4 wave vertical with 60 radials. I did daily tests for the 4 weeks while I was in Wales. The EFHW 80-10 consistently beat these other antennas in all directions and all distances. I also found it to be a relatively quiet antenna, I had it hooked up to a Flex-3000 SDR where it is very easy to compare SNR levels between antennas. The EFHW 80-10 was impressive both with low noise floor and average signal strength. I found it important to ground the box, using a quality and short as possible, thick wire to a good deep ground stake.

    I took it back home to South Africa, and installed it. I use it as a quick go-to antenna because my main antenna is a SteppIR DB18, 40 – 6m beam up at 65 ft. The SteppIR is a great antenna, but because it is a resonant mono-bander on only one frequency at any one time, I found using the EFHW very handy to spot for DX first, and then adjust the SteppIR to the band/frequency. I often don’t end up using the SteppIR for RX/TX, I just stay on the EFHW when signals are good.

    I also took my EFHW 80 – 10 on a DX-Pedition to Mozambique as C91B in October/November 2015. The plan was to put it up first – because it is an antenna that is VERY quick and easy to deploy, and then let the other operator use it while I constructed and put up other antennas – plans were for 2 el vertical yagi’s, loops, low band verticals etc. Well, it worked so well that we kept the EFHW 80-10 antenna as our only antenna, and didn’t put up any other antennas !!!! We had pileups to NA, Japan and Europe on 80m, and on 40 – 10m bands the pileup seemed to be never ending, to all parts of the world. Only observation, is to keep the power level below about 400 watts on 80/75m, especially on CW. The rest of the bands handle 1 KW without a problem on SSB and CW.

    The clear advantages of this antenna over other wire antennas:
    1. Easy and quick to deploy
    2. The feed point is at the end of the wire, allowing the antenna to be located close to the operating position – less coax cable required
    3. Low SWR on all bands
    4. Less feed line loss, due to low SWR and shorter coax cable run.
    5. Affordable
    6. Excellent customer service by Danny
    7. In exhaustive tests I have done, it has proved to be superior to other wire antennas, both in terms of SNR and also average signal strength.
    8. Small size when packed – perfect as a portable, field or travel antenna
    9. Visibly attractive – being end fed, it is more acceptable by HOA or the XYL – no ugly coax or open wire feeder exiting the centre of the antenna – as is the case with G5RV, ZS6BKW, dipole or OCF antenna.
    10. Only one support pole/tree required

    John, ZS5J C91J A25J

  8. John Zantek K3JZ (verified owner)

    Just WOW. Ordered my EFHW-8010 on a Friday night, shipped on Saturday, arrived on Monday, hung it up on Tuesday. Feedpoint under the house eave at the peak (35ft), then a straight shot out to a tall Western Hemlock in the woods behind the back yard. Grounded (counterpoised?) as suggested; added a 8×8 coaxial air choke on the feedline by habit. Fired up the rig and the EFHW was < 1.4 across on all bands less 30M (~2:1), but my old IC-765's autotuner knocked that instantly down to 1.1:1.

    Called CQ with 5 watts on JT-65A. Sao Paulo, Brazil answered at -4dB. 11,000 km from my QTH.

    What else needs to be said? Quality construction. Excellent sales fulfillment. Delivers performance as promised. Virtually stealth; unless you look for it, you don't know it's there. It's a keeper.

    73 John K3JZ (ex WN3AIC, WB3AIC, AL7IN, WX3K) (ChOp W6ZZM, KL7IQE, W2AIR Mil Rec Stns)

  9. Alain – VE2AAR (Canada)

    It is the first time that I see a website that allows FREE SHIPPING to Canada, I thought that it would cost me a lot for shipping, low and behold I was amazed to see the price of the EFHW-8010 did not include why shipping! I decided to buy this antenna and after looking on eham.net and some other websites showed me that the product and service were impeccable.
    I received confirmation by email of the status of my item, USPS Tracking number, etc…
    So far everything is going fine and awaiting the product.

    I will update on the product later after trying the product, but by the way I see it (EHAM.NET), it looks like everything will be fine!

    Thanks for your help and excellent service…



  10. John VE7JBT (verified owner)

    Product arrived quickly, with shipping into western Canada. Opened the box, great looking antenna. Nice construction. Have yet to put it up in the air, but as soon as temperature climbs a bit, will install it (as a portable antenna, using my push up fibreglass pole, as I live in an HOA community, with lots of QRM) to try it out. Am looking forward to using it with my portable KX3 with minimal watt output, as well as my mobile station, a Kenwood TS-480HX with 200 watts output.

    Thanks again for the excellent service and FREE SHIPPING TO CANADA!!!!

    John – VE7JBT

  11. John VE7JBT (verified owner)

    So now I’m submitting an actual review of my experience with this antenna, now that I’ve actually made some contacts using it, and the Elecraft KX3 radio. In two words, fabulous and exhilarating. This afternoon, after trying to be heard while I was running about 4 watts, and using a 12 meter long wire antenna (HyEndFed 4 band model, and it works really well, so I’m not finding fault with it), I decided to give this EFHW-8010 bad boy a try. It obviously requires a bit more of an effort to get it up in the air, as I’m working from a local park about 10 minutes walk from my home, and need to find trees that I can hand the antenna from. So after about 10 minutes, I’m ready to work the world with my little QRP rig. Made a few contacts, and was given some nice signal reports from Missouri, Arkansas, California, Northern BC and Alberta. My home is Penticton, BC, Canada, so a bit of Google Map work can tell you the distance those QSO’s were. One station in particular, VE6TU (George, near Edmonton Alberta) was even able to hear me when I turned the power down to 500 milliwatts. Amazing. OK, the conditions have to permit that sort of low power work, but this antenna now gives me lots of confidence that I CAN WORK QRP, and that does make me feel pretty happy.

    Look forward to working you someday, using this antenna and my KX3! Thanks MyAntennas.com

  12. Matt NM9O

    We used this antenna for our Winter Field Day operations January 30-31, 2016. We strung it up as a sloper with the end at the top of a hose tower at the Cambridge, WI fire department. We ran the feedline to a quadplexer setup for 80/40/20/15M and ran four rigs simultaneously at 100W on it.
    Previously we had used a multiband fan dipole, the end fed was much easier to setup and get on the air.

  13. Jerry Beckham (verified owner)

    My first longwire. Ran it from my house (North) to an outbuilding (South). My noise level dropped substantially. This is a no nonsense antenna..Very happy with it…

  14. Mark KM4RK

    I’ve been using he EFHW-8010 for about 3 months now. It’s pretty much a flat-top at around 25 feet. I operate as Net Control station on the South Carolina Single Side Band Net on 3.915 MHz twice a month, and I’m getting the best signal reports ever. This is compared to my full-size 75 meter dipole at similar height. I’m only using 100 watts and easily covering the state, and well into neighboring states. I do need the tuner at this end of the band, however, but it is right on the money on the 80 meter end. I have worked DX on 80 meters with my 100 watts.
    It’s also been used on a few contests this year on digital modes and SSB, and compares favorably, and often exceeds the performance of the 5 band vertical, and my ladder-line fed 160 meter dipole, which used to be the king of my multi-band antennas.
    Construction is great, SWR is as advertised on all bands, including WARC. Highly recommended. it could be the only HF antenna you need!

  15. Stephen N4LQ (verified owner)

  16. John DeHarte (verified owner)

    I called My Antennas with a few questions about their EFHW-8010 in regards to my particular installation needs. I spoke with Danny, not only was he a gentleman and very helpful, he was VERY knowledgeable and a pleasure to do business with! He not only answered my questions, he asked me questions and made some recommendations based on my response. After 45 minutes or so we decided on an inverted L configuration to mount the EFHW-8010, with the feed point above the door of a walk out basement, then vertically for 20 feet to the roof overhang and terminating in a tree at approximately 35 feet high. He also told me to request an additional end insulator in the purchase notes to keep the wire away from the house at the top of the L ( he threw this in at NO CHARGE!). The antenna arrived before expected and I was impressed with the quality of construction and workmanship. I had the antenna mounted in less than two hours(sacrificing several hundred feet of 20lb fishing line and numerous sinkers). Attached the ground and coax, hooked it to my meter and rig and began testing. I have to admit I was very skeptical of the claims of an “all band antenna, no tuner required”. Well the results were much better than I expected, 80m 1:1 at 3.500 to 4:1 at 4.000, 40m 1:1 entire phone portion, 20m 1:1 entire phone portion, 17m 1.6:1 phone, 15m 1.3:1 at low end to 1:1 at upper end phone, 12m 1.3:1 phone and 10m ranged from 2.5:1 to 1.7:1(fortunately the 1.7:1 was from 28.300 to 28.500). All I can say is WOW! This antenna far exceeded my expectations! I have built countless antennas over the last four decades so I was feeling a little guilty for “buying” a commercially made wire antenna. Well not anymore! This guy is good at what he does! I am certain I could adjust the length a little and get a good SWR at the upper end of 80m but why tempt fate and mess up the bands I use the most. How convenient to just key up anywhere from 40m to 12m without using a tuner, besides for those 80m rag chews the tuner can match it easily. Once the testing was completed I began tuning through the bands, heard a station working 17m so I gave a call and he responded on the first try giving a 5X9 report from Bogotá Columbia. Over the next few days I made several contacts in Spain, Ireland, Italy, Slovenia, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Norway using between 10 and 50 watts all giving 5X7 and 5X9 reports. I know that band conditions were very favorable but doing A\B testing against a Mosley Classic 33 at 65 ft. the difference was not that great. An added bonus, I had to walk the Mrs. underneath it and have her look up before she even knew it was there, very stealthy! Being to old and fat to climb anymore the entire process was conducted from the ground or via second floor window. In summation, if you are in the market for an antenna that is easy to put up, has unlimited deployment options, doesn’t offend pesky neighbors or HOA Nazi’s, works just like advertised and is just plain fun to use you should consider one of Danny’s antennas. When was the last time you had a business owner spend nearly an hour identifying your needs whether their product met them or not? I’m already saving my pennies and making plans to purchase another one for 160m!

  17. Fred K6DGW

    Antenna theory is well known — large, high, 1:1 SWR — there is no magic. That said, we moved last summer from 5 rural acres in Auburn CA [70′ tower, beams, multiple wires] to a small suburban lot in an HOA-regulated community [nothing above the 6′ fence, yada-yada-yada, we all know]. I can and do operate remote to W7RN with a very high Coefficient of Aerial Aluminum, but W7RN is shared with others, and remote-over-IP does have its little glitches. I purchased the 80-10 EFHW and strung it along the top of the fence on electric-fence insulators. It works. SWR conforms to Danny’s specs on all bands, my K3 is happy even without the ATU. I haven’t hooked up the KPA500 yet, a bit worried about nuking the neighbor’s dog in the run on the other side of the fence, but I will get to it. As Danny says, at 6′ height, it is NVIS, and mega-DX is probably not on my horizon at least until Cycle 25. But, I can work all my west coast friends with ease. It is very well constructed, looks like it will survive the N. Nevada winters just fine, and it truly performs as advertised. 73, Fred [aka “Skip”], K6DGW Sparks NV

  18. Dave W8EIR

    I have had the EFHW-8010 for a week now. When I initially strung up the antenna, I had it as a sloper, with the end at 8′ above the ground the insulator end at about 48′. Hooked up my MFJ-259C and SWR wouldn’t get below 3:1 on any band. Scratching my head I took it down, reread the instructions and set it up as an inverted V, with the apex at roughly 45′. The ends are about 5′ above the ground. Check SWR again, and most of the bands were at 1.8:1 to 2.0:1. My tuner handled the rest.

    If I have time this weekend, I am going to try inverted L, and see if that lowers the SWR any lower, and do away with the tuner. Great product, rugged enough for Michigan winters 🙂

  19. John KA5CAV

    I was very skeptical of a multiband end fed antenna with a matching transformer, But after putting this antenna in the air (About 20′ feet at the high end and 8′ at the low end) it far exceeds my expectations.
    The SWR on 40, 20, and 15 meters is flat across the entire band. SWR is as advertised on other bands.
    It actually works and I would recommend this to anyone who lives in an antenna restricted area.

    73, John KA5CAV

  20. Barry Oaks KK6ZZR (verified owner)

    Great antenna. I have been talking into New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, Japan, South Africa, Europe and all over the US on 100 watts with the EFHW 8010 antenna. I mounted it at 43 feet to 19 feet above the ground at a slope . All the above in 10 days.
    Barry, KK6ZZR

  21. James KC2UFC (verified owner)

    Hi, My name is James F. Matthews and this is my first review on anything. Mr. Danny Horvat, as for me, is a genius. I am very much excited about this antenna, the EFHW-8010. This, as for me and my situation, is hands down the very best solution for mo second floor apt. with balcony. Right now I am on the air with only a 60 ft. length of the wire with an swr of 1:1 making contacts to Italy, Germany, Austria,Virgin Islands and many more. My radio is an icom 756 pro 3 and with setup I don’t have to even use the built-in tuner to operate. I really cannot see where anyone would have any difficulty operating with this antenna. My sincere thanks to Mr. Horvat for this product along with the professional support and sincere concern for his customers.

    James, KC2UFC, Orlando, Florida.

  22. Gil, K2YNY (verified owner)

    I have had the EFHW-8010 since February of 2016, and all I can say, is that it is an amazing wire antenna. I used it mainly for 40 and 80, which has surpassed any other wire antenna that I have used. To my surprise, it also works well on 160. The antenna was put up in an inverted V configuration onto an oak tree in my back yard. The pinnacle of the inverted V was up at approximately 52 feet. I have worked most of Europe on 80 meters, and no problem on 40meters…I have also worked the caribbean and south america on 160 during a contest. The antenna and balun is well made and constructed. The customer service is fantastic. I ran into a problem with the wire assembly recently, which was totally my fault. I contacted Danny, and he replaced the wire free of charge immediately.. The man stands behind is product…If you want to put a wire up, well this is the one for you .

  23. Laurent BELLAY FM5BH (verified owner)

    I used the EFHW-8010 during my last dxvacation to Sint Mateen.
    PJ7BH made 1400 QSO’s and woked 77 countries in less than one week.
    I used a TS480HX no tuner 200W into the EFHW-8010 between two coconuts trees
    at around 4 meters above the ground. I was at 3 m from the sea shore at pointe blanche
    The antenna is very good on all band. The SWR is good les than 1.8 everywhere
    between 10 and 80m. This is the best antenna if you want to travel with your radio.
    I be back somerewhere with in the Caribbean very soon.
    Laurent FM5BH PJ7BH J79BH

  24. Rodney. N4RAY (verified owner)

    Put this 8010 antenna up, box is 12′ off ground with a ground going to a 6′ ground , then I have a pulley up in tree abt 40′ away,I put a 2″ grey coupling on the pul up rope it goes from 12′ to abt 40′ angled up then comes out the coupling sloping the rest of way down to abt 6′ off the ground at the end, I have a 650′ dipole and 450′ loop, it’s swr is just as described 80m 1:1:1 on cw part every band operates without tuner, only a little high on 30 like advertised got it running different direction of my other two, and will pick up people the other directions won’t, when something happens to the loop or long dipole I’ll replace it with another of these great antennas, got a pile of old antennas, this is the best antenna I ever bought,you won’t be disappointed with it,if you are it’s not up right, buy one you will not use a g5rv again

  25. Barry WJ6N (verified owner)

    Just following up. 33 days and 41 countries on 100 watts with my Kenwood TS 480 SAT radio. My feed point is at 43 feet AGL on a grounded metal pipe mast and the loose end slopes down to 29 feet. The loose end points toward S. America from the Sacramento area. I have contacted Japan, Venezuela, Cuba, Honduras, Tumor, Australia, South Africa, Costa Rica, Chile, Canada, Indonesia, South Cook Islands, Uruguay, Austria, Czech republic, New Zealand, Hawaii, Spain, U.S. and British Virgin Islands, Bulgaria, French Polynesia, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Guam, Canary Islands, Wallis/Futuna Islands, Russia, Brazil, Italy, Ecuador, Martinique, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Easter Island, Lithuania, and Bolivia. I have also contacted a number of US states. NEED I SAY MORE! I just ordered the EFHW 16040 to gain the 160 meters, as a second wire antenna (the radio has 2 antenna connections). I’m not too sure, but I just added a 50 foot counterpoise wire at the base of the mast and may have gained a little performance.
    And I just got a new call, WJ6N…………………………..73

  26. David W4OW

    Amazing antenna , only 35 ft up and zigzag . Even works on 160 with a lil tweaking of my mfj 969 :D. Great customer service too


  27. Bill Johnson

    I purchased the EHFW-1080 thinking I could somehow fit it on my property…. no way.

    I called Danny and told him that I just couldn’t make it fit my property and I wanting to purchase the antenna portion of the 40-10 model and just change it out.

    Without a moments pause Danny said, “It will be sent out today.” That was the conversation.

    Yesterday it arrived. No charges of any kind.

    I have been a ham now for 63 years and I can tell you that this is A+ customer service. Thank you Danny.

  28. Barry WJ6N (verified owner)

    Between 05-18-16 to present, 06-20-16, I have logged 51 countries on my QRZ log using the EFHW 8010 antenna with 100 watts. I have received some great signal reports. I installed mine with the feed point at 43 feet on a metal pipe mast and the other end slopes down to 29 feet to a shorter metal pipe mast.

    73 de WJ6N

  29. Andre WA2ZFO

    I’ve had this gem of an antenna up for about 6 months now, and wanted to give it some time before I posted a review.
    I generally love wire antennas, but this EFHW-8010 is truly awesome. With 100 watts or less, I’ve been making some very nice contacts, both DX and stateside.
    My configuration is an Inverted-L, with the vertical up about 30 feet, and the horizontal out about 90 feet to a tree 40 feet high. I then have a 10′ “tail” end extended away from the tree.
    While not a perfect “L”, its performance is outstanding.
    SWR is less than 2:1 across all bands, typically 1.5:1 or less, however it needs a bit of tuning help on 80 and 30 meters.
    I use 100 feet of RG-213/U and a copper ground rod. No other counterpoise or radials.
    As I mentioned, I’ve been using the EFHW-8010 for about 6 months, and I couldn’t be happier with its performance across all bands in all modes.

    Another very important consideration is the customer service from Danny – E73M. I had many questions prior to purchase, and he spent quite a bit of time with me discussing configurations, antenna theory, and even how this EFHW could be modeled.
    Danny is a great guy, and designs very very good antennas!
    The antenna has made it through a bad New Jersey winter and windstorms just fine. Construction is solid and you can see Danny’s attention to quality.
    If anyone wants details on my QSOs and my EFHW-8010 configuration, please feel free to email me.

  30. Doug Haviland / WA2PBL (verified owner)

    Fantastic antenna!! after mounting it up 50ft in a tree and stretching the remainder of the wire in an inverted L, wow lots of contacts.. Even got Birmingham England….
    Had some issue with mounting in the beginning, but the support from Dan was amazing,, He walked me through all kinds of ideas until we “Got It Right”. The Antenna is Super. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a great antenna, easy to install, and concealable.
    Thanks Again Dan

  31. Rick Costello N9HLG

    I had my eye on the EFHW 8010 for sometime before the March QST review. I purchased 2, one to replace my mediocre performing G5RV, the 2nd for my summer home. After installation and SWR sweep on all bands (highest was 1.8 without tuner), my first contact was Israel, my report: 5/9; second contact 5 minutes later was Italy. Now, most salted amateurs would say ” just good band conditions”. My response is: even the poorest band conditions bring great DX with this antenna! If I can hear ’em, I can work ’em- barefoot! I have an R7 vertical I use for comparison. The EFHW8010 is at least 3 to 5 S units quieter, and brings in signals the R7 doesn’t even hear. Well done MyAntennas for a great performing multiband longwire! It’s worth every penny, built with quality materials, and will last many years. Incidentally, Dan Horvat, N4EXA/E73M, the owner of MyAntennas was an antenna designer for Cushcraft. Here’s the best part: the EFHW8010 requires NO
    RADIALS- just 1 ground wire for electrostatic discharge.

  32. Gerry N3GWC (verified owner)

    The antenna is awesome. Had a G5RV Lite and there is no comparison. The antenna a was up for a short time when it broke. I sent an email at 10:30 in the morning explaining what happened and at 11:00 I received a UPS shipping notice and a email that a replacement was on the way. That type of customer car ois very rare. I am getting ready to order another antenna once my tpwer is up. Thank you for a great product and awesome customer care.

    Gerry N3GWC.

  33. Keven KG4MIZ (verified owner)

    I got this antenna and love it, works very well. If you need one get it you well love it.. it is the best for the money,this will make you happy..


    FANTASTIC ANTENNA. I operate a Yaesu FTDX-1200 with AT and a Kenwood TS-440SAT and received great reports with both radios on the EFHW-8010. I mostly use 80, 40 and 20 meters with 100 watts out, and have found this antenna will “auto tune” with either radio’s built in tuners anywhere from 10 to 80 meters on amateur HF bands with surprising results. The perfect solution to my HF antenna problem in a housing area that doesn’t allow antennas. The antenna is in the back yard strung out about 65 feet then makes a 90 degree turn with a section about 30 feet then one more 90 degree turn back toward the match box about 40 feet. The highest point of the antenna is 14 feet off the ground about 30 feet from the match box. The rest of the antenna is only 5 to 6 feet above the ground. I have been a ham for over 30 years and highly recommend this antenna for performance and simplicity. 73’s de NO8X.

  35. Art N2QGV

    Spent most of the day yesterday 9/17 installing the 8010 EFHW. The match box is hanging on a 6′ plastic fence about the center of the West property line bonded to a 8′ ground rod and fed with 25′ of coax. It then runs South from there about 25′ or 30′ to a pushup pole up at 20′, turns East for 70′ to a tree also up about 20′, and then turns North to the pushup pole on the East property line holding a HF vertical at 18′ and is terminated below the vertical at around 12′.

    I spent a minute and took only one scan on 80M with a Rig Expert AA-30. It showed a 1.7 at 3.650. I have a General license and would like it higher. It reads around 4.1 up around 3.950. Ok, so maybe I will get around to scanning and recording the resonant points for other bands and then shorten the wire a little to see what happens.

    On the great side and why I am not so quickly going the shortening route, my LDG auto tuner easily brings the SWR down to 1 to 1 (according to both the radio’s SWR meter and the LEDs on tuner) anywhere on any band the wire is engineered to be used on. I have to put the AA-30 on that to check out.

    Late Saturday afternoon (in the Shack cooling down from a day in the sun) I tried a couple of PSK contacts on 20M and got USA, Canada, Check Republic, Austria, and Australia stations all at 25 watts. Looks like it will work DX on that mode. Also worked several voice stations out as far as California. I heard lots of voice DX, but had enough Ham radio for the day and just don’t enjoy competing in goofy the pileups.

    Spent some time Sunday 9/18 on 80M this morning and checked into the Early Bird Net at 3.940 and got S9/S10+ from Ohio. The band was experiencing a lot of QSB and static discharges at the time.

    I think this antenna will prove to offer good bang for the buck and will have no issues being my primary go to antenna. I find no fault or issues with manufacture published expectations and the results with my installation.


  36. Bruce K8RQX (verified owner)

    Shipped and arrived quickly. I configured it up about 50 feet. An amazing antenna with great performance on all bands. First tested with my KX3, great results with excellent reports, running only 15 Watts. Fantastic.

  37. K5ZRQ (verified owner)

    Saw an ad on Facebook for this antenna. Talked to a ham friend about how good the reviews were for practically operating tuner free. Decided to purchase one based on the reviews. Never bought an antenna before except for two meter mobiles, always used a 80 meter loop with a tuner or dipoles. Pleasantly surprised that the EFHW 8010-1K lives up to stated operation and the reviews are 100 percent accurate. I charted the SWR across all the bands and sent it to my friend and brother, they both ordered their own antennas. Planning on ordering another one in the future for field day ops or a go box for camping trips.

  38. Bob Carpenter

    I live in an antenna restricted QTH and for four years have used random wires and a 9:1 unun…A friend got an 8010,after hearing the results I ordered one..My layout is far from optimum,inverted L and sloping to roof..I had a tough time at first with 20 meters,after help from Danny I took LDG tuner off line and no more problems…My yeasu 450D internal tuner tunes all bands and freqs 80 thru 10..Tx is especially better than the random wire and Unun..I finally got NZ..Cook Islands,First night on,at best,fair conditions, I got Moscow,slovenia,Brazil and lithuania..100 watts,I have no amp…This antenna works as stated by reviews and ads…I’m very pleased to be able to work so many stations I could not before..Thanks Danny for improving an old idea and making it affordable..Bob/KF7WMM in Wa. state

  39. de Barry WJ6N

    Just an update….I’m up to 81 countries with the 8010 antenna from the Sacramento area with 100 watts. Some of the latest have been Norfolk Island, Easter Island, Anguila, Pitcairn Island, St. Pierre and Falkland Islands. The antenna was put into use in late April 2016. Feedpoint at 43 feet (AGL) sloping down to 29 at the loose end which points S.E.

  40. Don (K1BIP) +Judy Conley (verified owner)

    Just upgraded to new Kenwood TS590 and anxious to get on the air Wanted quick and east install. The EFHW 8010 sounded like the answer. and it is! First antenna I’ve bought
    Mounted the terminal box about six feet on the side of the house and used two 4 foot ground rods.
    My XYL(WA1ZNZ) helped me with stringing the wire from a 10 foot roof-top mast up through a couple of 70-80 ft oak trees. The end is above ten feet above ground. Loads up on ALL bands with the internal TS-590 tuner
    on all bands.

  41. Don Conley

    I’VE BEEN OFF THE AIR FOR SEVERAL YEARS WHILE INVOLVED WITH BAND AND ORCHESTRAS AND NOW BACK ON THE AIR. I’ve worked many European and US West Coast stations barefoot. The Kenwood rig’s tuner does it all. Been a Ham for 60 years so its great to simplify
    I’m really pleased that the antenna is “invisible” in the sky as we live in suburbia. It exceeded my expectations as works as advertised.

  42. Scott Nelson

    Got this up today and am very happy. I have a Yaesu FTdx1200 and an LDG autotuner which I probably do not need and may take out of the mix and use my transceiver’s built in tuner. This surpasses my expectations and I am very happy it!

    Still testing but great results on 80, 40 and 20 so far and will try out 10 in the morning. Orientation is northeast to southwest as a flatop I may switch my routing around a bit but was running out of daylight so I went for simple.

    Oddly the sticker is on upside down but at 20 feet up my old eyes can’t tell the difference and I think it works even better that way (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

    G5RV is coming down, I will never use it again unless I take it out on a field day exercise.

  43. Greg KM4RKT

    I have had this up for several months now and really enjoying the multi-band coverage. It is setup as a flat top at around 40ft SW to NE over a back yard and SWR is 1.5:1 or less on 10/12/15/17/20/40/80. Contacts all over the US and Europe. Very satisfied and would highly recommend!

  44. Sterling VE9SK (verified owner)

    Well, I purchased the 8010 about 2 months ago, but didn’t have an opportunity to install it. Well yesterday I finally got it installed temporarily. Ends at about 6ft, center about 28feet. Works as advertised on all bands. I’ll be trying different configurations as time goes on. Bought the antenna initially for LightHouse and Light Ship weekend in August, so after just having it on the air for a day, it will be my antenna of choice, as well antenna of choice for any portable HF operation I do. Great product and it works as advertised.

  45. Anthony KG5BJV

    Amazing performance! I’ve been using a Superpole DP2 portable dipole for a long time now at 14ft high off the ground. My antenna works well for a shortened antenna, but for 20 meters and lower contacts are few because of the low height and power 5 watts,my radio is the Yaesu FT817ND.
    I wanted to have an antenna that I could set up and take down quickly,and would work on all HF bands without needing a tuner and have to take down and adjust every time I change bands. This antenna fits all the requirements and Swr is low on all bands except on 20 meters and 80 meters but within workable limits. I have the high end at 14ft off the ground at the rear of my house sloping down where about 3/4 of it is 6ft off the ground at the front of my house. Under poor conditions I’ve made several contacts on 20 meters and contacts on 80 meters that have been difficult before. Two contacts one to Oregon 15 meters and one to Florida 20 meters my signal was S9+!! never given that to anyone before! I’ve worked three new country’s Nambia on 20 meters sent 5/1 Anguilla on 17 meters 5/6 and French Guiana on 20 meters 5/7! So what more can I say? I wish I had known about this antenna earlier I would have bought this instead of using a small compromise antenna for HF. Under poor conditions works excellent can’t wait to submit another review when band conditions are good but that may be a while!
    Anthony Thorpe KG5BJV thank you 73.

  46. Greg WX8V

    We won First Place in the USIslands QSO party in August 2016 using this antenna. See our pic on http://www.usislands.org ! We are club station W4CN. The antenna was temporarily mounted about 15′ high across its length. Rig was a FT-991 barefoot. We had 174 QSO’s in 41 states, 4 provinces on 20 and 40 phone (the only bands open), in one day from 10:30~6:30 pm, using generator power much like a FD setup. The balun box felt a little warm when we took it down at the end; not unexpected. No tuner was used. No ground was attached to the balun box. We have also used this antenna for FD 2016 with very good results. It is now draped in the back yard cedar trees in an inverted U, as a stealth setup. Am buying the EFHW-8010HP next.
    Thanks, 73 WX8V, Greg

  47. Susan K5YNC (verified owner)

    As a new General class, I was overwhelmed with the multitude and variety of multi-band antennas to choose from. Amazing-Is all I can say. Easy installation-end is 30 feet in a tree and the 12 ft at the shack! Looking forward to making many QSO’s!
    73, K5YNC, Susan

  48. Kevin Smith

    This is an excellent antenna which works flawlessly and accurately. It is well worth the money if you are looking for a ready-made end fed antenna. I placed my order for the antenna late at night on December 24th, the antenna was shipped from Florida to Oregon, and arrived December 28th in the afternoon. After checkout, I realized I purchased the 8010P model when I meant to purchase the 80101K. I sent an email to Danny explaining my mistake and he informed me there would be no problem changing the order. I received the 1K at no additional cost, demonstrating excellent customer service. I am very happy with the product and, as needs arise in the future, I will be purchasing more products from myantennas.com…

  49. Cliff W3KKO (verified owner)

    Purchased and installed the EFHW 8010 1kW in October 2016. The transformer box and antenna wire connections are very good quality and assembled well. Setup is as a flat top diagonally NW to SE across my back yard from top of an old TV tower along the side of the house to a maple tree. Height is about 25 feet with 6 feet or so at the far end pointed directly down (yard is just a bit too small). SWR’s are only slightly above those advertised, I’m sure due to the lack of height and the far end alignment, but performance has been solid. Typically running 50w to 75w (100w max) on two different rigs, I have worked stations from 160m through 6m, with tuner help on 160 and 6 and only a few other spots depending on the rig used. Signal reports have been very good, especially in local and regional nets on 80m, and my DX contacts from the Left Coast to S. America to E. Europe have reported strong signals. Even worked my first AM QSO with the N1BCG special event on 25w with a 5/9 report! I am very pleased with the product!!

  50. Jerry KG7CXO (verified owner)

    I purchased the EFHW-8010 some time ago and am completely awed by the performance. I consistently get “good signal” from contacts on the Oregon Emergency Net. I had been using a vertical but this antenna is great!!!!!

    Jerry, KG7CXO

  51. Warren AE4WG

    I just upgraded from a EFHW-4010-1KW to a EFHW-8010-1KW over the last couple of days.
    I went to the 8010 for the extra bands. I was completely satisified with the 4010 antenna.
    My current configuration is 30-feet up @ both ends, and a 8-foot ground rod and I’m using LMR400 coax, I added some ferrite cores at the balun end of the coax.
    My transceiver is a Flex-3000 currently running barefoot direct to the antenna. The antenna tunes up on all bands with the built in auto tuner with no problems (except 30M/17M/12M it takes the built in tuner a little longer to tune). All SWR readings are very close to the publicized specs on the website.
    I will be installing my AL811 amp inline this week.
    I recomend this antenna and the 4010 antenna.

  52. Jim N9EYG (verified owner)

    Hello I am running a EFHW8010 antenna and it tunes and performs great for me the only problem I am having it will not the very top of the 80 meter band from 3.920 to 3.999 but I am trying to find out how to tune it to resolve this problem otherwise this antenna is awesome and the performance it great, I have bout 4 of these antennas and the afore mentioned problem is it but I really like this antenna and I would highly recommend this antenna to my friends and fellow hams.

    thanks for a great product 73, Jim Pickett N9EYG

  53. Charles W7LEQ (verified owner)

    This is an incredible antenna.I put it up in a inverted L fashion and the swr is just as the website advertises with great reports. Way better than my old R5 vertical (took it down). The best part is it is made here in the USA.

  54. Blaine K5UOT (verified owner)

    Received my EFHW-8010-1K on 2 Feb ( 1 day early than expected) installed on 3 February ! Even better than I had expected. Have used G5RV for 25 years, not any more. This is the real deal. My property is only 50 by 150 with 4 towers and steel roofs on all buildings. No problems. If I could give you 6 stars I would. 73 Smitty K5UOT.

  55. Joe K5WVA (verified owner)

    I bought the EFHW 8010 antenna a couple of weeks ago. I was skeptical. I was wrong. I was so skeptical that I also purchased a remote tuner to go with it. When I put up the antenna, the tuner worked like mad to tune it and kept locking up. I contacted Danny and he asked me to remove the tuner. I did and the antenna worked. I raised the antenna another 15 feet and it worked better. It isn’t designed to work 30 meters, not being a sub-harmonic of 80 meters, so I added the tuner at the radio. That flattened out the response across all of 80 meters and 30 meters works now.

    This antenna works so well for me that I’m afraid to give signal reports to guys running hundreds of Watts because my signal tends to be +10 to +20 better than theirs.

    I only run 19.5 Watts!

    I don’t want to embarrass them and that’s the truth.

    I believe this antenna needs the coax shield to really work right. Mine is 50 feet of LMR-400 laying on the ground under the house (crawlspace). The remote tuner was interfering with that.

    I was a skeptic, now it’s my secret weapon.


  56. Lee K3DMG/P4 (verified owner)

    We spend much of the winter in Aruba and last year I took a rig and used an end fed LW with an SGC-230 auto tuner for multiband operations. This worked OK, but meant taking along some additional gear. A friend suggested trying the EWHW-8010 1K as a simpler solution for multiband use, so I bought one to try. At the home QTH it worked well as an inverted-L. I also fashioned an OCF 80 Meter inverted-V for comparison. Both worked much better than I ever expected. The main station antenna is a 3-EL SteppIR with 30/40M element at 50 feet and while neither of the wire antennas played as well, I was very surprised at how well they did work.

    I decided to take the EFHW along to Aruba along with an MFJ-1913 28′ telescoping fiberglass pole and an IC-7300. The EFHW was the best choice for light weight, ease of setup and effectiveness. I should add that I was concerned about having enough space to string up the full 80 M version, so I cut a wire and wound a coil for a 40 M version in case space was an issue. As it turned out, the 80M had to be strung with a lot of bends and twists to fit the property and after making a number of QSO’s, I decided to replace it with the shorter 40M wire. This was strung as an inverted-V with the apex on top of the 28′ mast and the ends about 6′ off the ground. There was no ground connection available, so none was used. Good news is that both wires presented an SWR within the range of the IC-7300 internal tuner. But, the better news is how well it played. Since beach time, snorkeling, shopping and other vacation activities took first priority, operating time was limited to less than optimum times of day. Even so, there were more than 600 QSO’s logged in a month including a lot of nice DX (e.g. E5, TA, etc.) and even had a ball playing with some of the contests where I was able to break some good pile ups. I honestly cannot imagine a better antenna configuration for multiband operation that is so simple to set up yet is a great performer. We already have a house reserved in Aruba for next winter and the EFHW antenna will be making the trip again.


  57. Gil K2YNY (verified owner)

    I have been using the EFHW10-80 for approximately 18 months, and all I can say is that it is the best wire antenna around. I have logged over 800 40/80 meter SSB phone contacts. I have also worked close to 500 digitals contacts also on 40/80 meters. i have worked Australia, South Korea. Japan on 40 meters from NYS on this antenna. I use my hexbeam for 10-20. My wire snapped about 10 months ago in a storm, Danny replaced it free of charge. From a 1 thru 10 , this antenna is a 11…I can not say anything bad about this antenna and Danny…..This is the one to buy. 73, Gil

  58. David KA1MSV (verified owner)

    The EFHW-8010-1K is my first HF antenna. I love it. The price was right & very easy set up. Have made good contacts on 10mtr local, 17 mtr to South America & 40 & 80 mtrs all across the USA from Massachusetts. Even with the 40 & 80 mtr bands being bad this past week. I have made some good contacts to the mid West with good sig.reports. I only run about 90 watts & have had better reports then the big guns running amps with 500 to 1000 watts. The EFHW -8010-1K is my antenna of choice for my location. It is about 25 ft off the ground strung in an L. I have a small back yard.
    KA1MSV 73’s

  59. Walter KA2CAQ

    I recently purchased and installed the EFHW-8010. I never used and end fed antenna before. I am very impressed. It performs just as the specs said. SWR is low across all the bands.
    I have mine installed as a horizontal L. Runs 30ft out than a right turn for the remaining 100ft. High end is 32 ft and the low end is 25ft. I have compared this to the G5RV I have been using and the EFHW-8010 is far superior. Tnx Danny for a great product.


  60. Eric N9KDB

    I purchased the EFHW-8010-HP. The ends are mounted at about 12 ft. above the ground. The apex is at 35 feet in kind of an inverted vee configuration. The results compared to my G5RV Jr. are outstanding across the bands. Also, I now have 80 meter capability that I didn’t have before. Thanks for a great product!!

    Eric, N9KDB

  61. DJURO 4O6DU

    We are using this antenna just few days, but results are excelent! We used many multiband wire antennas before, but no one like this.

    4O6KOP-Radio club Herceg Novi
    Tested and written-4O6DU

  62. Rob KG7YSE

    Bought this antenna last week, arrived 3 days earlier than expected! Gave me enough time to install it on the weekend. The antenna is up on a pole 35 feet and the far end is on another pole out in the field running North and South. Works Great. In less than 1 hour I made contacts all over the US. Band conditions haven’t been the best as we all know but this sucker gets out. This is my fist wire antenna purchase. In the future I think I may buy another and run it the opposite direction. Love this antenna. KG7YSE

  63. Mike Eisenzimmer KD0SGX

    I have been using this for about a year now though the Minnesota winter. It has out performed my Hustler BTV4 vertical in most places. This is really as good as it claims to be. Just buy it and get on the air. Then you can worry about your tower project or other things while you fall in love with this!


  64. KB4KN (verified owner)

    The EFHW-8010 works great. So far I have used it on 80, 75, 40 and 20. I have it mounted on the 4 by 4 that comprises the corner of the screen porch nearest the deck. I can easily reach the coax connection so it can be disconnected when the antenna is not in use. I have the transformer grounded to an 8 foot copper rod that is driven into the ground. The connecting solid bare copper wire is #6 AWG. That end of the wire is up about 10 feet. From there it goes up to a height of 30 feet suspended by a rope at 40 feet from that end. Then tied off by another rope at a height of 30 feet at 80 feet from the end. The far end is about 15 feet off the ground. I have an MFJ-949D but bypass the tuner because the SWR is 1.5 or less on all the Amateur bands that the antenna is designed for. It is difficult to see this antenna even when close which is great since I live in an area with antenna restrictions. Only one of the ropes are visible from the street because it is white. I also have one of the CMC-330-1K connected at the antenna feed point. I plan to buy another one for portable operation and backup.

  65. John KK7L (verified owner)

    Took an EFHW-8010 out to Tuvalu last month to operate as T2R and worked pileup after pileup at 500 watts without a tuner on all bands (except on 30 meters where, as others have posted, the SWR is close to 3:1 so I had to run barefoot with the rig’s internal tuner). I seriously logged ALL BANDS with this thing: from nighttime contest Q’s on 80 to daytime openings in 10 meters it worked great. At only 5 lbs including mounting hardware this antenna is tough to beat for DXpeditioning. Throw in a spool of lightweight Mastrant rope, find a ground rod locally, hire some kids to climb coconut trees, and you are in business. I left the antenna with local operator Tili (T2AT) and he is really enjoying it. I can’t recommend this antenna enough.

  66. Thom WA7VC

    Our club used this antenna as our principle wire antenna this past weekend for Field Day. Everyone was very impressed by how well it performed on all modes and bands as advertised. We made close to 300 contacts using the antenna, it will be used in the future for many events, in fact in two weeks, July 7-9, it will be our primary QRP antenna for our Salmoncon event. Listen for K7S calling CQ and you can be the judge!
    Thanks for a great antenna!!

  67. Wayne N2WK (verified owner)

    I installed this antenna at 60 foot at mt QTH and was impressed how it worked so well on all bands 80-10M. So I took it to our Club Field Day and made 350 CW Q’s on 40M and 182 on 80M in 7 hours of operator time using 100 watts. Also tried it on 20,15 and 10M mad Q’s wile the SSB guys were on the same band and they were on the Tri-Band yagi. Also compared it to the G5RV at the FD site. This antenna beats the hell out of a G5RV, no contest.
    Thanks and its worth the cost.


  68. BAZ GD0SFI

    Lost my antennas in last winters storms and decided to buy the EFW 8010 as a temporary antenna til I could replace my masts. 3 months now and I may as well keep this as the main antenna as results have been just brilliant even with lousy conditions. Got it 30ft running WSW – ENE down to 18ft, no tuner required and weekly scheds to USA from here in the Isle of Man (100 watts) are not a problem – QSO’s all over Europe and beyond!
    This is a real bargain and a keeper.
    Baz GD0SFI

  69. Bill N1RIK (verified owner)

    I just got the antenna up today. It’s not quite as high as I was planning, but it’ll do for now. I’m running it as an inverted L with the feedpoint currently about 10 ft above the ground, and then the antenna bends at about 35 ft above the ground and runs the rest runs to another tree to the 40 ft approximate level. It works as discribed. The swr is under 2:1 on all bands 80 to 12m…the only area that goes above 2:1 Is the top of the 10m band, which is as specified. Currently, anything I can hear, I can work. I’m very pleased with this antenna. It’s just what I needed. I’d recommend it to anyone.

  70. curtiscwilson (verified owner)

    I just received the EFHW-8010-1K, and it took me about 3 hours to set it up because I was not exactly sure how I wanted to configure the antenna. I installed the feed connection about 14 feet above ground just under my 2 meter, 70 cm vertical. From there I stretched the wire 30 feet to my fence to a pole made out of 1″ emt, and 3/4″ electrical pvc up 12′. From there I went to another pole 20′ feet high, because the instructions recommended that the center of the 130′ wire be at least that high in the center. From there I went to another pole up 12′, and then one more pole 10′ high. All together both ends of the antenna are orientated north, and south, which gave me a good coverage west to south from my location. My first contact on the antenna was with a station on the boarder of Idaho and Canada, (about 950 miles from me) This station was directly north of me which I did not think the antenna orientation would pick up very good. He said my signal to him was 59+20!!! I told him I was just running 100 watts!!! This morning on 40 meters I talked to a Japan station, and he said my signal was the same on his 3 element yagi, and his 40 meter dipole antenna. I am use to using a external tuner for these bands, but my Yeasu FT450D had no problems with it’s internal tuner to match any of the eight bands. 80 meters at the high end around 3.8, and higher do I problems tuning. When I feel the need to go in this area of the band I will trim the antenna, but for now I am a very happy camper!!!

  71. christopher (verified owner)

    Selected this antenna as my first HF antenna after getting my general ticket about 4 months ago. I mounted the feed end on a mast about 20 feet off the ground and ran the trailing end up into a pine tree about 50 feet in the air. The antenna has worked flawlessly with great signal reports all over the country and have made multiple DX contacts in Central and South America and several overseas contacts with strong signal reports. All of my contacts have been on 100 watts. I did have a problem ( self inflicted ) after hurricane Irma with wire stretch. After e-mailing Danny, he responded very quickly and diagnosed the problem. I have a new wire on the way and should be here tomorrow. Cant wait to re rig and get back on the air.
    Thanks Danny for a great easy to use antenna and fantastic customer service.

  72. Doug Barbier N8ZVT (verified owner)

    I have had the EFWH80-10 up for about 10 months and love it. 135 countries on voice with 100 watts in very casual operating from northern Michigan. I have it mounted as a flat top about 40 feet up and supported by trees at both ends. All the reviews are correct – this is one great antenna.


    Gerald – 10/3/2017
    As a new licensed ham radio operator I have been taking advice from a friend who has been around the block once or twice. My radio is the
    Kenwood ST 450. Now I need an antenna that will enable me to roam the world. My friend told me he and a couple of other hams in the area bought the EFHW – 8010. He promised me I would be totally impressed with this antenna. I liked the fact that I would not have to purchase a tuner for this antenna as well. Setup was a breeze , all I needed was a tree,no cutting or guessing. It has more curb appeal ( stealth ) than many of the other antennas out there , which makes my wife and neighbors happy. I have made countless contacts such as Alaska , St. Lucia , Argentina , Peru , Mexico ,and Hawaii to name a few. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact Dan. He will go the distance to answer your questions or offer ideas.The EFHW – 8010 is 100 % quality and Dan stands behind his product , which delivers performance as promised. I have almost reached the 50 states award on QRZ.COM. It won’t be long before I get it. I would not hesitate to buy it again or recommend it to friends.

  74. F. Martinez

    Lasted less than 90 days!wire broke and was advice from the Ebay customer service to buy a replacement wire form here?nope! Lost $150 already not planning on losing another $50 on a wire! I lost the antenna and some money but you lost a customer for ever,73..

  75. Danny-E73M

    No need for harsh words. The 14ga wire assembly was sent to you Yesterday free of charge. We keep trying to make customers satisfied but if you really do not want to have any business with us, let us know.
    Best 73 Danny, E73M, President EuroXpress Corporation

  76. Mike Grunik KM4CSY (verified owner)

    I have had my EFHW8010 up at two different locations without issue. It is installed in an east-west direction with propagation in all directions. I have contacts in Argentina and Zurich Switzerland as well as the west hemisphere and only on 50 watts. It is up from with the balun hooked to the satellite tv dish and stretched to my neighbors pine tree about 30feet up as a sloper. Have had some pretty tough winds in NE Florida and the only thing that broke was the tree branch so I had to string it up again and it is working great.
    Mike KM4CSY

  77. Dale WU7X (verified owner)

    I’ve had the wire up for a couple of months, but life got in the way until mid-October. The transformer box is mounted to a leg of my aluminum tower at 15′ about the ground. From there it angles to a Ponderosa Pine 65′ away from the tower. The antenna wire is also 65′ above ground at that point. From there the remaining wire angles down to the ground. Not the best setup, but boy am I ever having fun with this antenna!

    Working CW with ~600 watts output these are some of the stations I have in the log: 40 m HA8RM, LU7YS, A31MM, CE2LML, and H40GC. On 80 m VY1JA. So that’s Europe, South America, the South Pacific, and Yukon, all from eastern Washington. This thing is getting out pretty well. This was done in less than a month. I’ve heard a lot of other DX stations and expect that my log book is going to see a lot more of them in it over this coming winter. I’m not the greatest CW op, and have been really taking my time getting back into the game after a several year hiatus. As my speed picks up things should get interesting. For a single wire antenna, this thing sure works!

  78. Mike KM4CSY (verified owner)

    Living in a HOA restricted area, I was hesitant about an antenna. I have this with the the balun hidden behind a satellite dish and 100 feet into a pine tree about 30 feet up and the rest downward. I have great signals on all bands and have worked as far as Argentina and Zurich, Switzerland as well as the US and Canada. I am pushing it with a FT991 between 50 and 70 watts. The best part is they haven’t noticed it stretched out between the house and my neighbors tree. And hope they never do! It does what they say it will do with low swr.
    Mike KM4CSY

  79. Jack KZ4USA

    I just installed the EFHW-8010 2KW version and have it in a inverted L going up vertical for around 50ft and then out horizontal on a support rope across my field and it seems to be working great. Was working 5B4 Cyprus last night on 40 and then into Africa on 80. Its working on all bands
    real nice. Seems to work better then my fan dipoles I had up and less noise too on the low band plus was easy to install.
    This is the first inverted L shape antenna I have had up but its working great.


  80. Spike W4WGN

    WHOA! The whole world opened up with this antenna! LITERALLY! I believe this antenna works even better than advertised for my situation. I put this up in a gentle upward sloping configuration from my second floor Ham Shack to an oak tree about 40 ft high. SO easy to get up and on the air quickly! HOA rules limit what I can use, so this fits the bill for me. I’m more than happy and would highly recommend this product for anyone considering. Thanks!

    Spike W4WGN

  81. Steve Platt (verified owner)

    I am a new Ham……..and new to HF. For my first station I mated an ICOM 7300 with an end fed EFHW 8010-1K hung as an inverted V with the apex about 35 feet and the ends at 6 feet. The transformer box was grounded to a ground rod as instructed. The ICOM 7300’s internal antenna tuner seems to handle the SWR quite well. In the first ten days on the air, I have made contacts to 13 states and England and Spain on 80 meters. I do not have any experience to compare the EFHW 8010 to……however, it appears to be working well.

  82. Luke AD4DP (verified owner)

    After having mine in the air for about a year, I found it lying on the ground in 2 pieces one day too. Looking at the two pieces, it was pretty obvious that a squirrel had chewed it in two. Most of it runs through the woods and squirrels are all over the place around here. It’s just one of those things we have to live with. Anyway, I just soldered it back together, put some heat shrink over it and pulled it back up in the air. Its been working just fine ever since.
    Luke AD4DP

  83. Mike K7AOI (verified owner)

    I have a couple of tall (100 – 150 foot) trees adjacent to my house so I elected to try placing the EFHW-8010 in an L configuration using a bow and arrow set and fishing line as a pilot line into both trees. First contact was a JH station in Yokohama on 20m with a 5-7 report, less than 1.5 SWR. Incredible especially with the questionable band conditions during this sunspot cycle. Very happy!

  84. James W8OUU (verified owner)

    I installed this antenna at about 20 ft. to the side of a building. It runs to a tree about 145 feet away and is about 60 feet high at that point. Although the antenna is cut for the low end of the bands, the built-in antenna tuner tunes all bands in the phone portion. I use an external tuner on 75 meters. My signal compares favorably with stations running a kilowatt and multi-element beams. I live in a retirement center and this antenna is almost invisible .

  85. Frank ka2ufp

    EFHW 80-10…130FT wire formation as 2 Ls next to each other apex 35 ft with 14 ft of horizontal…flat swr 40-20-17-15-10…80 meter swr 1.3 before tuner…works excellent…40-20-15-10 EFHW antenna used on QTH…

  86. Frode LA5MTA

    Received the antenna in mid December 2017. Delivered only 7 days after order. Fantastic!
    Mounted vertically, horizontal and zigzag due to small lot
    Tested the antenna today Feb 4th 18
    Tunes fine with internal tuner in radio.
    5-9 reports at 20m in Europe.
    So far I’m very happy with the antenna

  87. Barry Oaks (verified owner)

    Keeps getting better…I raised mine to 43 feet at the feed point to 35 on the loose end. I have gotten to Perth, Australia from Sacramento, CA area (40 meters) on 10 watts. I have contacted the South Pole station several times. Last week I was into Europe for 4 of the week days. It has been up for more than 1 1/2 years. I purchased a second 8010 as a spare as insurance as I love the performance. I have over 100 countries in the log, more like 143, with this antenna. The antenna works very well with 700 watts, as well……….I have all the continents in the log…………..de WJ6N

  88. Hans VK6XN

    I bought this antenna for activating parks and it has well and truly exceeded my expectations. It is light enough to be supported by a squid-pole and delivers the goods on air. The 80m configuration was too big for general park use but with Danny’s invaluable advice I was able to cut it perfectly to the 40m version. The off-cut can be clipped back on for those occasions when 80m is needed. It all works 100%.

  89. Jim W4MJE

    I purchased this antenna for use at a cabin deep in the woods on a lake in central Alabama. There are many trees around and had limited clear space to run a wire from a distant tree to the cabin. An end fed would be the best option so I ordered the EFHW-8010. Getting a line in the top of the only tree I could use for the far end, and between two power connections, was exciting. I was able to get that end up about 35 feet. The other end slopes to the cabin and is tied in a tree about 6 feet above ground. I am using a KX3 with the 100 watt amp. The antenna swr is as advertised and never need to hit the tune button on the KX3. The antenna works better than I could have imagined. Can’t say enough good things about it. Worked a VK on a recent Saturday morning and he was surprised at my 100 watt signal. It has withstood some very gusty winds while whipping around in the top of a tall pine tree. A very satisfied customer.

  90. pmemolo

    I just put up my EFHW-8010-1K on Thursday with a lot of help from a Ham Radio friend. It’s up about 35ft high and stretched 50ft from a pole to the 1st tree, then stretched 58ft to a 2nd tree and then stretched back just a bit over 25ft to the pole. Yeah, it does look like a very odd J and it’s connected to a Yaesu FT891 and so far I’ve received great signal reports. I’m going to enjoy this antenna.

  91. Paul Palmer (verified owner)

    My first impression for the EFHW-8010 antenna was excellent quality. Since 3/1/18 when I started keeping statistics on my contacts with this antenna I have contacted 24 different states, 14 different countries on 3 different continents. Two of the DX contacts were the Czech Republic and Sardinia. I have the antenna in a lazy V shape. The feed leg is at 20′, the apex is at 25′, and the 3rd leg terminates 70′ high in an oak tree. The 130′ antenna was an install and forget it item and completely trouble free.

  92. Steve Platt (verified owner)

    This is a follow-up review to my initial review published on December 2, 2017, I have now used the 8010-1K for over six months. The antenna is configured as an Inverted V with the Apex at 35 feet and both ends at ~ 6 feet with the transformer box grounded to an 8′ ground rod. The feedline is 50 feet of coax. The antenna is simply fantastic. I have been able to Work all 50 States on 80 meters (Geratol Net 3.668 MHZ) from Vermont with an Icom 7300 and an Elecraft KPA500 amp (500 watts)……..Alaska and Hawaii were a challenge with current band conditions but doable. What is interesting is using the SWR measurement capability of the 7300 the SWR as seen at the input to the feedline, ie… output of the 7300,(bypassing the linear amp and external KAT500 tuner) the SWR measured as follows on the various amateur bands:

    SWR 80 meters: SWR minimum 1.3 @ 3.565 MHZ varied from 1.3 to 2.2 @ 3.765 MHZ
    SWR 40 meters: SWR minimum 1.05 from 7.070 MHZ to 7.220 MHZ
    SWR 20 meters: SWR minimum < 1.5 from 28.550 to 28.8

    The antenna is basically resonant on 80, 40 and 20 meters per the measurements above. I highly recommend this antenna.

  93. Todd, KY4TS (verified owner)

    I’ve used the EFHW-8010 antenna for portable ops over the last couple years. Always a quick, simple set up. Maybe no as good as a monoband resonate dipole, but quicker to deploy and much more versatile. For Field Day 2018, I had to operate from a different location than I normally do, and do it solo. I was able to get the far end of the antenna up about 60 feet and mounted the feed point about 3 feet from the ground with 4, 45 foot radials. This set up worked perfectly and I had no problem making contacts on any band. The only issue is that the antenna is resonate at about 3.45mhz, and to operate on 80/75m, I had to use a transmatch at the station. Otherwise, no external tuning was necessary. It actually took longer to get my equipment out of the car than it did to set up the antenna! I can, and have, enthusiastically recommend this antenna to anyone wanting to do portable operations, or is forced to operate in “stealth mode” from their QTH.


    My antenna is : EFHW-8010-1K
    I got this antenna and love it, works very well. If you need one ,get it you well love it.. it is the best for the money,this antenna will make you happy.

    Swr in 160 meter band is bad 1- max
    and in 60 meter band is 1-3:2 but with tuner in
    Kenwood TS850s can be 1:1:0 and stay there under TX
    in 80 til 10 meter wery nice SWR (no tuner)
    You will be blessed with , work this antenna !!!!

    73 de LB6FG

  95. Girard (Jerry) – W4GMW

    I rarely write reviews, but the EFHW-8010 deserves my five star rating and this review.

    I recently retired from commercial broadcast engineering, and decided to get back into amateur radio after a long absence. The EFHW-8010-HP turned out to be the perfect choice for my HF antenna. Installation was extremely easy. The feed end is at about six feet above ground. The midpoint of the antenna is suspended at about 25 feet above ground. From there it gently slopes up to about 35 feet. I put a decent ground on the matching transformer box for static dissipation as suggested in the instructions. All in all this turned out to be close to an “ideal” installation.

    I’m mostly working FT8 and experimenting with QRP on WSPR mode. The EFHW-8010 give me access to all bands from 80 through 10 meters, which was the main selling point for me. The first thing I noticed was that my noise level was greatly reduced with this antenna over my dipole antennas. Performance is excellent. In my first day of operation I worked all over the US, and even snagged some nice DX from Australia, Iceland, and Italy, mostly on 10 MHz. Closer to home (in Kentucky) I worked a number of stations scattered from the West Coast of the US and Canada. Likewise, I has some nice contacts along the East Coast from Florida up through the Maritimes. It clearly works!

    If you are looking or a decent 80-10 meter antenna that is very easy to deploy, this is the one. Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

  96. Kerry-AC3CY (verified owner)

    I purchased the EFHW-8010 about 6 months ago given the reviews and my disappointment with another end-fed I purchased a few years back. I cannot be more pleased. I have worked stations all across Europe, South America, Japan, and others. I have heard stations/countries I
    could never hear with my previous end-fed. To be fair in comparison, this antenna is located at the exact same place with the exact same geometry: 15′ vertical from feedpoint, 25′ high from point to point. This antenna really fits my needs. It is stealth (wife does not like
    antenna farms), performs exceptionally well, and by design, nearly immune to high winds and storms. One last note. The SWR noted in the documentation was darn close. As stated there is no need for matching.
    Although I was able to match it with an LDG on 6M and make contacts in Florida from the Northeast. Great product, keep up the good work guys.


  97. Nick Beer

    Brought this for my Icom 7300 and the quality of the product is excellent. Easy to install, will last a long time in all weathers. A greta performer on all bands and reception is really excellent as well as transmission. Thoroughly recommended.

  98. JC McCormick (verified owner)

    In 2017 I purchased the 8010P for portable use and an 8010-HP for home… Both work flawlessly. Feed is Installed at ~18′ to the open end at~35′ oriented to ±41°. Getting excellent reports from Europe through the Middle East… was able to work VK long path w/100W.

    I would suggest buying the corresponding mounting hardware – so much easier to install and is secure.

    Communication with MyAntennas.com is excellent. Emails to the company were been answered promptly. Super service.

    Quality construction, easy install, excellent technical attributes, reasonable price, great communication… and, it works exactly as described.


    73 NT4K JC

  99. Doug-KD9PK

    Took it out of the box, tied a rope to each end, attached a coax. A pair of socks, filled will sand and threw them over tree branches. Antenna is about 20′ in air on one end and 16′ on the other. Hooked up analyzer.. under 3:1 across all bands!… and under 3:1 on 160! (unexpected this is) Made two qsos on 160 and got +20db reports… very happy camper. On 80,40,20 have surprised people when I tell them I’m only 100 watts.
    Can’t wait to put it up in place of my 50 year old dipole and see what it can do.

  100. Mike Z (verified owner)

    I live on a hill and have a VERY limited view of east/northeast and have always had an issue getting Europe stations. After my homemade 40M dipole came down this week, I ordered the EFHW-8010. My radio room is on the second floor so the feed end is at about 15/20 feet and from there it goes up into a large pine tree at about 70 feet then back down to about 10 feet. It’s sort of an inverted V. Just this weekend on FT8, I worked South Shetland Islands, Netherlands, Venezuela, Canary Islands, England and Belgium.
    It seems the sweet spot for the SWR is a little higher than the FT8 area but still is quite good and I don’t use a tuner on 80, 40 or 20. Compared to my 40 dipole, this thing rocks.

  101. Brian Washburn (verified owner)

    I’ve had this antenna about a year now. I have it strung from the corner of my one story house up to a fence that is maybe twenty feet above ground and then back down to another fence about four feet above ground. This is definitely a low NVIS type antenna and yet I’ve managed contacts from here in Los Angeles to Japan, British Colombia and as far east as Harrisburg PA. I use it on 40M extensively during the day and on 80M at night. It matches up easily on my Yaesu FT991A’s internal tuner. At the end of the day, I can’t say enough good things about this antenna! I liked it so much I bought the EFHW 4010 as a traveling antenna.

  102. Chris Shaker, KJ7BLE (verified owner)

    I’ve got the EFHW-8010 from myantennas.com. It’s working well for me at only 25’ high. Used the MFJ-993B tuner to use it on 160 meters, and made FT-8 contacts on 20 and 30 watts as far away as Yorba Linda, CA from Bend, OR. Rig is a Yaesu FT-991A, barefoot.

    I hope to raise it up twice as high in our trees and see what it will do

  103. KG4IXS / Richard Vaughan (verified owner)

    Awesome Antenna! Full details of install and SWR plots after just ‘throwing it up’ are available on my QRZ profile – KG4IXS. Feel free to read full review and see the detailed SWR plots. Only running 5 watts, and this antenna is PERFECT for FT8/RTTY modes – NO TUNER REQUIRED IS TRUE! Too bad it’s not mentioned in the details how this antenna is pretty much cut for that portion of the bands – I would have pulled the trigger sooner!

  104. Richard stier (verified owner)

    Have my 8010 at 10 to 20 feet with 2 90 degree angles. Very satisfied given the condition of the band’s right now. I work 80-40-20-15. Actually worked Danny today on 20 broad daylight in Europe.

  105. Yarek

    I need antenna which will be low visible, and still able to get me contacts on state to state, or DX distance. I choose EFHW-9010 because of my HOA restrictions, I figured the wire is not easy to see and bring attention. My townhome is last in the unit next to forest preserve. I just mounted feed point on the deck ~ 8ft above the ground, and throw the wire above the trees about 20-30 ft above ground in straight line. O…boy !!!! It does bring the stations to my rig which I was unable to get with dipole mounted in the attic. To prove my words please check my QRZ page Logbook contacts. This is the only antenna I’m using for all; PSK31 with 30W, and DX contacts with 600W amplifier. EXCELLENT antenna, and highly recommended!!!!!!!

    Yarek M. K9KIL

  106. James Self (verified owner)

    bought the 8010 EFHW. Everything they say about that antenna is true. You can buy it with confidence. No tuner, all bands, wide if not the entire band width. Had mine for a year now, I guess. Fantastic! KW4PW Jim Self, Summerville, SC 29485

  107. Laurent BELLAY

    I came back from a dx vacation from Dominica.
    I was with the callsign J79BH. My equipment was a Kenwood TS480HX 200W into a EFHW8010 handup on the balcony around 8 m from the ground and the other end tight on a coconut tree.
    The antenna worked very well on all band from 10 to 80m with good swr. In 3 days I made 822 QSO all in CW. I can say that the EFHW 8010 is a very good antenna for dxpedition. You can erect it very quickly the only limit is your imagination.
    I will come back in the TOP BAND season with the EFHW 160_40 . I have already at home and I will erect it with a 12m DF2BO DXWIRE telescopic pole in the middle. MYANTENNAS.COM is the best choice
    If you want to have a very good wire antenna for one op dxpedition. There are a lot of good place to operate in the Carribean such as J79 J69 PJ8 FS VP2E and much more. EFHW are very light for you luggage . Just buy one and try it you will be surprise.
    Best 73 Laurent
    FM5BH J79BH PJ7BH ……

  108. Mike K1FNX

    have both the 80-10 and 40-10 versions up at right angles to each other as inverted “Ls”…….. vert part is abt 32′ with the rest horiz…… the long one slopes up to abt 45′ the short one slopes down to abt 20 feet with an 8′ ground rod under each antenna. The long one has abt 70′ of RG-8X on it and the short one has abt 150′ of RG-213 on it with one 32′ radial under the long one (because I could). I have them up between trees with pulleys and counter weights and they withstood the New England winter FB……

    the results are stunning, couldn’t be happier!……… the long one is noisier than the short one but depending on the direction of the calling station both work equally well……….

    In the 6 months they have been up I have worked everywhere you can imagine on 40 meter SSB depending on propagation of course.
    My IC-7300 will tune out most mismatch however I’m running an old 2 x 3-500Z Raytrack amp and have an old Dentron tuner between the amp and antennas to tune out any reflected power …….

    just order one, or two, you won’t be disappointed

  109. Mark, EI3IBB


    I got this antenna about November 2018 with the intention of passing my Ham exam and I finally did and passed and received my license on the 20th May 2019.

    As a new Ham I have nothing else to compare this antenna to but get good reports, using my Xiegu X5105 5 watt QRP rig I get good reports into the U.K from Ireland and made a contact in Slovenia on 20 meters just last night with only 5 watts.

    I got an old Yaesu FT-77 and made contact with a Ham in the very north of Norway the first night I talked on the radio and he was very impressed because he said it’s rare he hears anyone this far down on 80 meters, I’m in Ireland.

    So this antenna seems to be performing well and is obviously efficient, resonant on multiple bands and I’m only using it 2 days and have had very little time due to work and kids etc.

    I have the antenna grounded via the ground terminal on the transformer box.

    Build quality is excellent.

    Very happy with this antenna. Thanks a lot !



  110. Mark EI3IBB

    Since my review a few days ago I’ve made contact with West Virginia and New Brunswick on 20 meters and Brazil on 40 Meters, from Ireland, 100 Watts. He heard me all the way down in Brazil even with all the high power stations in Europe calling at the same time, great antenna !



  111. Andy

    I am using the 8010 5 mts of the ground here in Australia with out standing results. It would be even better the higher you go.Fantastic antenna..
    Money well spent?

  112. Allen

    I’m very impressed with the performance and build quality of this antenna. I’m running the 8010 1k version over a tree, about 25ft at it’s peak height, and have made contacts all over the world on 100 watts or less. De W9ALK

  113. Svend Aage Jessen LA6YJA

    A very god antenna. Even 60 mts works (2:1) so this antenna exceeds my expectations! Also a very good antenna for portable use. It is mounted about 7 mts from ground and up to abt 10 mts at the end. Very satisfied.

  114. JAMES A AWANA JR (verified owner)

    Very pleased with performance. Dramatic drop in noise compared to my 160m loop and zero 5 vertical. I can now spend more time on 40m after sunset. I am again enjoying ham radio. Sonny KH6CB

  115. Tom (verified owner)

    I am a new ham. Like many, my city lot is challenging for antennas. I decided to purchase this antenna and, while I don’t have anything to compare it to, I am very, very happy. I have had contacts throughout the Americas and Asia. I can contact Japan on 100 watts pretty much all the time. I use it for SSB and FT8 with a Yaesu FT-991A. I check in on couple of West Coast nets on 80m and regularly get great signal reports.

  116. James (verified owner)

    I was using a competitors antenna for several years but was never pleased. Several ham buddies told me about myantennas products. I bought the EFHW-8010. I mounted it as a semi sloper from about 35 feet to 80ish feet. I truly love this antenna. It is a lot quieter than the other antenna. I’m pulling in stations that I could have had done otherwise. I actually wish I had bought one sooner. – KF4AQO

  117. Brian

    After using the EFHW-4010 for the past couple of years I finally managed to get the 8010 installed. I installed the Unun under the front eave of the house to protect it from weather. I then ran the wire from an eye bolt on the face of the eave as a strain relief. The wire then goes about 65 feet up to my tower and through and insulator. It then goes diagonally across my rear yard to a tree. Over all, about 2/3rds of the wire is up about 35 feet. I get decent SWR numbers on 80, 40 and 20 without a tuner. I use a Palstar AT2K to easily trim it up to 1:1 on every band.

    The antennas performs as well as if I had separate dipoles for all three bands but with a lot less hassle. These antennas just work and work well with very little hassle. Their most recent versions have a very nice Unun box that is well vented so you don’t get moisture build up inside. Mounting them under eaves should keep this thing working well for many years! Very happy with this antenna and highly recommend it to others that need a simple solution for multiple HF bands.

  118. Charlie, W0AQ

    Holy moly! I bought this a few months ago. Had not been able to put it up as I am waiting on a pole to be installed. Got tired of waiting for that so I just threw it up attaching one end to my porch and the other end to a tree about five feet off the ground earlier today. Didn’t hold out much hope but I decided to try. Worked DX all over Europe on 20 Meters running 100 watts and was getting 10 over 9 reports busting through pileups. I could hardly believe it! I am a believer now though!

  119. Eric

    I bought this antenna because of the stealth nature. I have one end about 3 ft from the ground going up to about 50’ and back down to about 10’ above the ground. I can work 80’ 40’ 20’ 17’ 15’ and 10 meters. 30 and 12 are impossible due to high swr. Overall it is not bad. Not one I would recommend in most situations but if you have to hide antennas because of HOA Nazis then it works well. Not sure why I moved here.

  120. Steve, KC5F (verified owner)

    I bought my EFHW-8010 last fall and have been thrilled with it. After 50′ of coax the antenna starts tied about 6′ up to a small tree trunk, goes up to about 35′ and then goes out and slopes up to another tree at maybe 60′. Because of slack in the wire, the horizontal section averages about 40′ high. It’s great on all listed bands, and I’ve used it on 60m and 6m, as well, with a tuner. I’ve been having fun with NAQCC QRP CW events at 5w and 1w, consistently making lots of QSOs around the US, Canada and the Caribbean quite easily. It also gets great reports at a more normal 60-100 watts on phone and CW. Now to get a 4010P for my POTA activations!

  121. N3HEE (verified owner)

    I used the EFHW 8010 antenna for NAQP CW contest this past weekend with very good results. I made 677 contacts that included working all 50 states between 15, 20, 40, 80 and even 36 contacts on 160 meters with antenna tuner. All contacts made using EFHW 8010 antenna in an inverted L configuration at 50 feet vertical 80 feet horizontal sloping to 20 feet above ground. No ground rod or counterpoise wire was used. Usable SWR on all bands. Fed with 200 feet of RG8X coax so losses were high on 15/20 meters. Running only 40-50 watts of transmit power. Good build quality and virtually invisible ! 73. -Joe N3HEE

  122. David L Wilkinson (verified owner)

    If I could only have one antenna, it would be this one. It never lets me down and get a number of very good signal reports QRP or 100W every time I use it.

  123. Casey Schesky KE8PFA (verified owner)

    Because of my HOA I am restricted to using stealth antennas. I have been using the end fed 8010 for several months and it works great. I have it strung between a tree and my chimney and then hanging from my gutters facing south. It seems to work well on all bands with my Icon 7300. I recommend it.

  124. George, KD5AYF

    Absolutely love this antenna! SWR well within the tuning range of the internal tuner of my Icom, IC-7300. I have installed it in this manner, ran it about 45-feet straight up into a pine tree, then 70-feet over to my tower with the tag end angled down toward the backyard fence. Installed using mountaineering grade pullies pulled up into the tree with paracord, and terminated with the provided insulator and a paracord tail…then to another pulley and finally to an 8-inch coil spring as strain relief. As the wind blows, the antenna runs on the pullies and the coil spring takes the gusts…Hardly any strain on the actual wire itself do to windy conditions or the tree moving! Getting great signal reports! Thanks for a great product guys!

  125. Gene Gajewski (verified owner)

    This antenna works FANTASTIC with my IC-7300. I’m so glad I trusted my instincts and the good words for this antenna on RadioReference.com.

    The internal antenna tuner in the IC-7300 easily tunes all bands on this antenna. With an external tuner (like the MFJ-939 I’m using) – it’ll let you tune 75M as well.

    All in all – a great first antenna for a first time Ham – this gives you all the bands except 6M – couple this with a 7300 and you’ll work the world with out a lot of investment.

  126. Michael Limberg (verified owner)

    This antenna has far exceeded my expectations. Granted I am a new HAM with little experience and as a disclaimer this is my first HF antenna, so I have nothing to compare with it, but the results I am getting from it are very surprising.

    I am running the EFHW beginning at 6’ elevation as a sloper at a bearing of 200 degrees for the first 51 feet to a height of almost 20’ to a repurposed flagpole that came down after the Iowa Derecho of 2020. The wire then feeds through a pulley attached to the flagpole lanyard and doglegs in a flattop configuration at a bearing of 130 degrees for the remaining 81 feet where it terminates at an Aspen tree. It is sort of an unorthodox configuration for an EFHW, but it is working out very well. The flagpole lanyard allows me to raise and lower the antenna very easily during inclement weather, such as heavy wind or future ice storms.

    My rig is an ICOM IC-7300 and I run between 80-100W on phone bands. I live in eastern Iowa and my first HF contact was to southern California with great reports. I also had a phone contact with the central U.K., also with great reports.

    I operate at low power on FT8, typically 35W or less. I have worked many countries around the world with my longest contact to date being to the Reunion Islands, which is 16,128 km or 10,022 miles from my home QTH. Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and many other far away places are frequent contacts for me on my little 20’ high EFHW wire.

    Don’t let the big boys running towers with beams and linear amps get you down by saying that you need a “real” antenna, because this antenna is the real deal for the price, ease of deployment, but most of all the results.

  127. Michael Limberg, AE0IT (verified owner)

    This is an addendum to my review on June 13. My EFHW-8010 is still exceeding my expectations. I am able to work SSB and/or digital contacts on 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, and 10m with ease. This antenna is impressive, yet stealthy in deployment. My QRZ profile page has photos of my setup/configuration and may help potential buyers who are on the fence regarding this antenna. Visit my page at https://www.qrz.com/db/ae0it for a view of what is working for me. I am confident that you will have similar results.

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