Myantennas.com offers standard and custom made Multiband antennas, BALUNs, Common Mode Chokes-CMC and accessories.  All products are designed  by Danny Horvat, E73M  (also N4EXA) an antenna design engineer formerly employed by Cushcraft Corporation. Some of his world known designs are MA5B-mini beam, R6000, R8 vertical antennas, Multiband beams X7, X9, Navassa-5 and many more.

My Story

MyAntennas.com initially started a few years back around 2005, as I have designed and built the antennas for a fellow Ham radio contesters and DX-ers my entire life. At first, it was a nice thing to do for friends, since I had already worked on designing antennas for Cushcraft Corporation back in 1997.  In 2000, I had left CC and started my own Telecommunication business, taking a professional hiatus from designing antennas.

After a while, I have started thinking of making my small antenna company and booked this very web domain to publish my designs. For over the past decade, I designed and built my own antennas to use in various worldwide contests at my hilltop location in Bosnia-Herzegovina, where I had taken to testing and measuring the performance of various models on small antenna tower.

Deciding to move a step further and answer the numerous requests about the availability of my designs, we arrive here. It is amazing how much interest and enthusiasm a few pictures on the web and few friends bragging on some lists and forums have generated.

So far I have few key models on this site and look to add a lot more in the future as time and inspiration allow. We continue to revise and include throughout our site various resources and guides as entries into the wide world of HAM radio and End-Fed Antennas,  answering supplementary questions regarding or products or installation via the contact page regularly. Also, sign up for the newsletter (through it we’ll send you periodic info about new products), we won’t spam you, promise! 🙂

73’s  Danny, E73M