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EFHW-4010™ Multiband End Fed Half Wave Antenna

  • NO TUNER needed! 
  • 63ft (19.2m) long
  • Resonant on 40/20/15/10m
  • WARC bands with a tuner at 100 Watts max.
  • 1kW ICAS, 250W digital modes
  • Stealth #16 AWG XLPE black wire

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EFHW-4010-1K-Plus™ Multi-Band End Fed Half Wave Antenna

This is an End-Fed Half-Wave (EFHW*) antenna for 40/20/15 and 10m bands. Unlike many END FED antennas on the market, this one does not require the Antenna Tuner to operate. It is a resonant Half wave on 40m (7MHz) therefore also resonant on second, third, and fourth harmonics. The antenna transformer is optimized for the lowest insertion loss 3.5-30MHz featuring three stacked cores and a transformation ratio of ~56:1 (~2800:50 Ohms) The average loss of less than 0.4dB is unmatched by any other similar transformer on the market proving our worldwide leadership in the design of high ratio-wide bandwidth RF transformers for 3-30MHz.  See the Insertion loss chart here. This is the smaller version of our EFHW-4010-2K-Plus model, see the comparison image.

  • NO TUNER needed!
  • NO counterpoise needed!
  • Grounding of cable at the entrance to the home is recommended
  • Frequency coverage: 7-30MHz
  • Resonant on 40/20/15/10m
  • Wire length ~63 feet
  • Power Handling: 1kW I.C.A.S
  • 250W continuous in digital modes such as FT8
  • Stainless Steel hardware
  • Stealth #16 AWG XLPE black wire
  • Connector: Silver/Teflon SO-239

NOTE: grounding does not affect antenna tuning. If the transformer box is installed high above the ground , there is no need to route the ground wire from the box, instead just ground the coaxial cable at the entrance to your home or at the station.

* EFHW (monoband) antenna was introduced to HAMs almost century ago by Josef Fuchs, OE1JF, patented in 1927.

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EFHW-4010-1K antenna only, EFHW-4010-1K with Pole Installation Plate

37 reviews for EFHW-4010

  1. Dick W7JHU

    I installed the EFHW-4010-1k at my portable location in Washington state. Installed the end fed box at the corner of the shack at about 8 ft and did not ground it. Used about 25 ft of RG 8X to the rig. (TenTec Eagle 90 w.) Ran the wire straight out to a tree with a line pulley up to about 50 ft. Amazing performance on 40m and 15m without a tuner. Lots of contacts. Easy antenna to put up and use.


  2. Peter N2PH

    I had an LNR 40 through 10 meter end fed tuner and I liked the antenna, but it was a bear to tune. After reading the reviews on the 4010 I thought I would give it a try. No tuning was required-the SWR’s for 40, 20, 15 and 10 were excellent. But, I am a CW operator and I love to tinker with antennas so I added about 4 inches of wire to the end and the SWR’s were even better.

    But, who cares whether you have a SWR of 1.4 or 1.2 right? The key question is does the antenna work and believe me it does. I have made numerous contacts all over the US and DX and I consistently get good reports. Running less than 40 watts the antenna does a great job. Is it a beam of-course not, but this is a simple very effective antenna which has worked great for me.

    My set up is the matchbox is at 30 feet and the antenna slopes down to 16 feet. I live in a very tough environment (the Jersey shore) where it is windy-average wind speed 20 MP, and everything is affected by the salt air and this antenna seems well made to handle this tough environment.

    Bottom line would I buy another one you bet I would.



    Just received the antenna, installed it on a bamboo pole on the second floor roof top around 35 feet height ground level. Did the initial runs using low-power and soon found out that my LDG AT1000pro tuner has no work to do. My shack set up is Icom IC756pro3/ Tokyo Hypower 1.2kfx/ and I can get 750 watts out put on all the specified bands. We have a late night 80 mtr net running here and with the help of the internal tuner in the rig I can check into that also with out any problem. My first DX contact was ER4DX OM Vasilov from Moldova with a 5/9 report from my qth in Chennai South India, which considering the present band conditions is a good one. Thanks Danny for the wonderful antenna that is just plug and play and has no hassles of tuning, cutting and pruning. I recommend this antenna to all hams whether they are experiences or newbies.

    73 de vu3mes Satyan

  4. Frank KA2UFP

    EFHW-4010..Awesome Antenna…VERY Satisfied…SWR 40 – 20- 15- 10 all flat… 17 – 1.4…sloper formation … mounted box 6 ft … 25 ft wire to 23 ft apex…next 38 ft wire to 35 ft apex…using rg 213

  5. Scott W5VTC

    I wanted something easy to setup and I knew I wanted a EF wire to use with my Kenwood TS-570D. I didn’t want a vertical to take up my backyard. A local ham highly recommend this antenna and I mounted it on a TV mast with the box at 33′ sloped to 16′ across my yard. The 20 meter S8 noise floor I’ve had forever, disappeared and my SWRs were 1:1.8 to flat across all four bands. I highly recommend this antenna, if your looking for a high quality, as advertised, End Fed antenna.

  6. Terry K9DBV (verified owner)

    My EFHW-4010 1KW worked as advertised. Good swr on all bands, low noise, great reception, and was I was easily heard by others. I use a Yaesu FTdx-3000 and a AL-811 at 500 watts.
    However my operating practices caused the xfmr to overheat resulting in swr to increase to unacceptable levels. I do net control duties on 40 meters (SSB) several times a week. In addition to that several net members remotely transmit using my radio via RemoteHams client. This results in lots of transmission time relative to receive time.
    I ordered a second EFHW 40-10 with the MEF-330-2k transformer and problem solved. I’ve seen no evidence overheating during daily net operation this past week. Thanks Danny!

  7. Mike

    Just erected the EFHW 4010 Antenna, and by heck it does all it says on the box, mainly i use it on 40 Mts as it just fits in the garden, it works far better than my 66 Ft wire i had up before, Can hear and work stations i am certain i could not hear before, and conditions are still at the bottom of the cycle, it does also work on the other bands. Yes if need to i would buy again, it is well made and will stand the winds we get in the UK. SWR is 1.4 on all bands with out the tuner, but will admit i have a tuner installed all the time. Can work all day at 400 Watts, that is what we are allowed in the UK. Have tried it at 900 Watts into my dummy load with no trouble.
    If you are thinking of buying one you will be happy, just like i am.
    Mike G7JZD

  8. Sid M0WCH

    Finally got around to installing my EFHW4010 and hooked it up to an Icom 7300. Performance is outstanding. Managed to work Australia, Russia, the Canary Islands and Europe with ease. Outstanding product. Highly recommended. Sid M0WCH.

  9. Donald Singer KF7DS

    Been a ham for the past 5 years and needed a quick solution to give me some higher bands – lost my mast and TA 31Jr Dipole in an ice storm in early Spring last year. I have compared the 4010 to 40m performance on my Alpha Delta 40/80 hung at 45′ as well as my Butternut HF2V vertical (with 50 radials). It is surprisingly quiet and has a very good S/N. This one is strung North-South – ordering another to string E-W and replace my Alpha Delta.

  10. Donald Walter KA2EBQ (verified owner)

    I purchased this antenna a year ago and am very pleased with the great results. Have been able to work the world using my IC7300 at 100w with one end up just 20 feet and the other attached to the house at just 12 feet from the ground. Simple to install and really works great. Purchased a second one to set up temporary between two trees when I am wintering in Florida. It was only up about 15 feet but did very well.

  11. Stan WB2LQF (verified owner)

    I live in a townhouse community with antenna restrictions. Since 2010, I’ve been very successfully operating QRP with a doublet in my RF friendly attic managed by an SGC autocoupler. No complaints BUT I’ve wondered how an outside antenna would compare.

    I received permission last month to install a low profile wire antenna outside. My home is two stories with both and upper and lower rear decks and there is a 30 foot high pine tree about 40 feet away. This was a perfect setup for an Inverted “L” antenna.

    I chose the 63′ long EFHW-4010 and ran it from the tree top to a fiberglass pole on the upper deck and then sloped it down to the matchbox mounted on the lower deck.

    Clearly, I had a “Perverted” L instead of a standard geometry “L”.

    The darn thing works just great! Resonance is right where it should be and I’ve been receiving consistently good reports in spite of the poor HF conditions. Getting the antenna out and away from the house really does make a difference. I’m a happy camper.

    At first I was picking up more noise than the attic antenna but a Mix 31 2.5 inch toroid with 10 turns of coax through it and mounted NOT at the matchbox but right before the transceiver took care of the noise problem.

    The only further change I am going to make is to replace the #18 insulated wire with Wireman 534 #28. I already called the MyAntennas company and was told this would be no problem. My reason for doing this is to further lower visibility. My plan is to just replace the original wire from the end insulator back to about a foot from the coil. I’ll just cut and solder.

    In summary, operating under present “poorer” conditions, I’m hearing more stations and hearing them with a lower noise level. On transmit I am getting very good reports for my QRP station. This antenna is a clear winner for my situation. I’m good on 40 through 10 and use my K2 internal ATU where the antenna is not resonant.

  12. Joe N5BNY

    WOW is all I can say. Compromised installation, center support is
    10’metal pole + 5 Ft pvc on top 15′ total with both ends 3′ above
    metal roof. After tuning on 7.1mhz (had to remove 1.2′ from insulator
    end) SWR_2:1 all bands, first contact Austria OE3UKW. MUCH quieter
    than fan dipole and works!
    Thanks for a great product.

    Joe N5BNY

  13. Tom Kravec W8TK (verified owner)

    My club has used the EFHW antenna a couple dozen times at our monthly HF events, mini-Field Day operations. If trees are available, we string the end of the antenna into one using fishing pole and nylon twine. If no trees are usable, we use a 40 ft fiberglass pole to support the antenna wire. We have made as many as 250 QSOs in a few hour’s operation. Easy, simple, and effective. We love this antenna.

  14. John Campbell (verified owner)

    I mounted this antenna on the chimney of my house. The other end slopes downward to a pole I installed. Since my back yard is not large I had to make the wire turn 90 degrees for the last 8 feet. I’m very pleased with how it works. From Calgary Alberta I make many contacts to the east coast of the USA and also to California. I have also contacted Cuba. I use 40 watts on PSK31. A very good product!

  15. Taryon KD9ILI

    I installed as a sloper to a tall pine tree at the back corner of the house, with the help of my child’s fishing pole. When we got done “fishing for birds” the wire was pulled into place. The performance is great on voice, will do digital next. I will be getting more products from My Antenna in the future.

  16. SATYAN SARATH vu3mes

    Here is a run up for the antenna that I installed on July 19, 2016. Still going strong, awesome performance, built to last. Might one more unit
    for another qth soon.

  17. Stan Ferris (verified owner)

    Danny, your EFHW 4010 is working great! I’m new to HF and running just 100 w on an older transceiver with no tuner. About 15′ of coax connects to the transformer end at 6′ off the ground, then up about half-way into a tree to 27′ or so, and off at an angle with a slight slope to another tree. (HOA stealth needed, and small property footprint). Noise on 20 meters is way down around S3, a bit higher on 40 m. Transformer box is grounded to an 8′ copper rod. Last weekend I had a quick QSO with Japan (5864 miles west of me) and with Florida (1865 miles to the east). Wow! I have heard all the way up to B.C. to the north. K7SBF

  18. JOHN/M3YSB


  19. Victor Lima

    Victor VE3LTG/VA3FH
    Thanks Danny for a great and easy set up product EFHW-4010. Installed antenna in a family home in CT land for portable operations between Mar 12 to July 14 2018
    69 countries were in the log with 100 watts operating with CEPT permit CR7/VE3LTG.

  20. Joe

    It’s a long story — had to remove my old off-center fed dipole, replaced it with the EFHW-4010. Mounted the transformer on the side of the house, under an eave, about 15 feet off the ground. Fired up the rig to test it and was very disappointed — could barely hear a few stations and SWR as over 4:1.

    Then I realized — the transformer was mounted on the side of the house but the antenna was lying coiled on the ground.

    I pulled the antenna up to about 15-18 feet overall , secured the far end to my garden shed, and immediately worked a couple of Russians — running 50 watts on 40 CW. Over last few days, running 5 watts on 40 CW I’ve been working up and down the East Coast. Florida to Maine, into the Midwest and Texas from my Virginia QTH on the Chesapeake Bay. Good signal reports on both ends. 40M CW SWR is almost 1:1; highest SWR is on 15M, just under 2:1.

  21. Richard Zabak (verified owner)

    The EFHW -1040 has exceeded my expectations, which took some doing given the almost uniformly positive reviews I read prior to buying it. I have been inactive for decades, and my wife was not excited about the prospect of a Ham Radio antenna in our yard, but this stealthy antenna satisfied both of us. Its configuration is close to an Inverted V except the 23 foot peak is closer to the feedpoint rather than the center- the ends are about 8-9 feet high. I needed to trim about 2 feet. The swr over 40, 20 and 15, and all but the high end of 10, is 1.6:1 or less as measured by an in-line swr meter. My old, used MFJ-259 reads about .5 higher but I am fairly confident after checking it with a dummy load that the calibration is off – it still was very useful in finding the resonant frequency on each band. I have only been using the antenna for a couple of weeks, and mostly on 40 meters, and it performs very well and not like a “compromise” antenna. My compliments to Danny. – Rick, WB4HNL

  22. Howard

    Purchased this for portable operations at a friend’s cabin. Using an 18′ pole on his deck and set up as an inverted L with the horizontal section slightly sloped and tethered to a tree. Performed as well as the ladder-line dipole I was formerly using and did NOT need a tuner. 40 meter VSWR was less than advertised -barely over 1:1 and pretty close on all non-WARC bands. Kinda made me feel about about taking my tuner ‘just in case’! Easy setup, good construction quality and end-feds are indeed a fast setup.

    I have a few other antennas used for portable operations, they have been relegated to back up status.

  23. ben shane roberts

    excellent antenna. using it as a vertical on a flag pole.

  24. Xavier (verified owner)

    I have a 4010 EFHW, works great, I have it set up in an inverted V with the transformer at 6’, the apex at 25’ on a telescopic fiberglass mast, the other end at 12’. I have a ground rod attached to 5+’ of #6 solid copper wire attached to the lug on the transformer, SWR has been as advertised, but did drop on 40 from 2:1 to 1.6:1 after adding ground wire.
    Only running 100 watts max, made contacts all over the US, South America, Canada, Japan.

    Thanks Danny

  25. Jeff / VE7GMX

    Well I cannot say enough good things about my MyAntennas 40-10 EFHW. Easy to work with and got to put my tuner in the closet ! I have mine setup as a sloper ( 45 degrees ) with the high end aprox. 55 to 60 feet. , and less then 1.3 to 1 across all intended bands . Highly recommend this antenna.

  26. Kevin – N2YG

    I really didn’t think the MyAntennas 10-40M end-fed would be this good. I was using a G5RV Jr. At about five feet (between my vinyl fence and my shed). Yes, it worked, and I made a number of DX contacts, but I wanted something better and I didn’t want to bring something like a yagi or a vertical to the attention of my neighbors.

    After reading reviews, I purchased the MyAntennas 10-40M end-fed. It’s up at about 25 feet, strung between a chimney mounted mast and a tree in my backyard. I fed it with about 60 feet of RG-8. The VSWR on all bands is very low and certainly acceptable. I immediately made contacts much more quickly and with better signal reports. Since then, I’ve added an Ameritron AL-811H to my shack. Running at about 500 watts, I’m getting ridiculous signal reports such as “wow, big signal,” and “N2YG, how many kilowatts are you running?”

    If there is a down side – although it may not be the antenna’s fault – I have a high noise level. I read that end-feds are noisy antennas, but it may be because of the above-ground power lines in my backyard.

    Would I recommend it? Absolutely. I’ve worked all states and am just shy of DXCC, and it’s been up for only eight months. It’s a great stealth antenna. Can’t wait for the bands to open up again!

  27. FRED TOLLIN (verified owner)

    1st of all, just installed the 4010 and holy crap, it’s
    incredible…..making contacts all over the world, so much better than
    my vertical antenna so kudos to ya! IThanks
    again for such an amazing dipole!!


  28. John Campbell (verified owner)

    I continue to use the antenna on 20M and 40M bands. I only use 40watts of power, but I make contacts to Japan (8000 kms) and Brazil (10,000 kms). I do not use a tuner.
    The EFHW-4010 is a super antenna and I just love it.

  29. BRIT KI7YWK (verified owner)

    excellent.no tuning ,each end up 23feet.bungee cord on end to prevent snapping in wind .contacts to tokyo british columbia and all usa

  30. Aron

    Bought this antenna about a year ago and never got around to installing it Put it up about two months ago. And WOW! I am amazed on what I can hear. Getting great reports from everyone. Put it up on side of house about 25 feet up and ran it down side of driveway in woods. Did some tree pruning and installed end up about 30 feet running East/west. Am VERY pleased with this antenna. Getting about 1:3-1:5 on all bands with no tuning shall be ordering another one after holidays. Thanks for a great DX antenna Danny. PS. I am using a line isolated on antenna.

  31. Terry Robinson

    In Queensland Australia, I have a Hex Beam up at 55 feet and it’s a great multibander for 20-6m, but I wanted an 80 thru 10 wire for local contacts. I bought the EFHW-8010 and strung it up as inverted L. What an amazing antenna!! No tuner needed as it is below 1.5:1 on all bands. I also bought two inline chokes and they have 40 dB rejection of RF feedback on the coax. Really work, and we’ll made. Highly recommended. Terry VK4QY

  32. Satyan

    My original antenna purchased on July 19, 2016 still rocks. In between many radios have come and gone but the antenna stayed put and I thought I will put a review after almost four years. Currently used with an Icom ic7300, I could works European dx this evening also. A great value for money product which deserves to be appreciated. Thanks Danny 73 vu3mes Satyan Chennai. India.

  33. John (verified owner)

    I want to say THANK YOU to Danny. I am extremely happy with my EFHW-4010 antenna. It is performing better than I had hoped. I was able to string it between two trees on my front lawn. Virtually the entire antenna is inside the trees except for about 10 feet where it jumps from one tree to the other. The way it is configured is quite unconventional… kind of an inverted V configuration but with three sharp bends as I did not have the required 63 feet. The peak of the V is about 25 feet high inside the tree. Literally NO ONE in my HOA has noticed it. It is indeed a compromise but this was the best I could do given the HOA restrictions. The resonant frequency is actually quite low due to the bends and proximity to branches….so my next step will be to trim some of the length. I have worked over 100 countries with my 4010 since May, running only 100 watts. Numerous contacts from my QTH in Florida to New Zealand, Japan, Africa, Europe and Australia. A few hundred watts more power will help me tremendously.

  34. Ben Pepa (verified owner)

    I want to thank Danny for helping me out! I got notice my package was in the locker and when I opened it, it was the wrong package!

    I posted in my HOA groups, asked neighbors and even had USPS searching but they were pretty useless blaming the contract carrier in this part of Las Vegas for giving it to the wrong person.

    Danny sent me a new replacement which I received this time and I’m so thrilled to be on the air! It works well with my IC-7300 and I am thankful he was so kind to have corrected USPS’ mess up!

    I will definitely be a repeat customer, thanks Danny!!

  35. Rick Sullivan

    I am a new Ham in a highly restricted HOA neighborhood learning as I go. My first attempt to get on the air was with a GR5V Jr. stretched through my attic. Due to two large HVAC units, metal duct work, loads of wires and metal pipes this simply did not work for me at all. My next antenna was the $119.00 MFJ 2286 17 foot whip antenna which worked but not too well as it was surrounded by tall two story homes on all sides. It requires adjustments and I could not get my Icom 7300 to match to it. Most likely operator error. I just temporarily installed the EFHW-40-10 in my not very large backyard. I chose the 4010 because of it’s outstanding reviews and reputation and the 63 foot length looked like the maximum that I could hang in my backyard. I have the matching unit up about 7 feet above the ground. The end of the antenna is up around 25 feet in an Oak tree. I could not wait to connect my radio to this temporary set up. The results were unbeliavable. I was making contacts and hearing stations from all corners of the US, Canada and South of the Border.
    The SWR was near perfect on all bands. The noise levels were extremely low. This antenna was allowing me, as a new ham, to finally get the most that I could out of my Radios. Today I am going to re-hang the antenna and experiment a little. I plan to raise the mid point (slightly sagging) part of the antenna by throwing it over a 20 foot Palm tree. Then the end of the wire close to the matching unit will be thrown over a 15 foot tree and the matching unit will be mounted under the eave of the house for weather protection. This will raise the wire heighth and give it a slight (but negligable) curve to the antenna wire. This approach will almost totally hide the wire (which you really can’t see anyway) and make it my permanentl outdoor HF antenna. I believe that my next step is going to be to buy the EFHW-80-10. After seeing and hearing the performance of the 40-10 I believe that I can find a way to squeeze the 80-10 in my yard by doing some creative zigging and zagging. I literally read and watch every internet review and video that I could find on MyAntennas and other HOA antenna options. I do not think that any other manufacture enjoys the reputation that MyAntenna has. I am very pleased with this antenna. It is allowing me to get the most out of my Icom-7300 and my Xeigu G-90 given the size and location of my yard. The fit and feel and build quality of this antenna out of the box is impressive. Everything about it shows the degree of excellence that goes into these antennas. If you are faced with antenna challenges (or even if you are not) this is a great antenna.

  36. Paul

    2 years ago I had to move on to a small property in town. I missed my antenna farm on 4 ac. Put up the EFHW-4010 over the roof peak of my house. It goes from 10′ in a tree to 30′ over the peak of my roof. The 63 foot wire fit perfect for this application. It works great on all bands 10-40. With the radio tuner at 100wts good on 12m and 17m. Good for 500-600wts with amp on 40m with low noise level. Very pleased with this antenna.

  37. Tim (verified owner)

    I bought this to replace a homebrew 40-10 endfed which was falling apart (I’m not a great homebrewer!).

    On handing the wire I was surprised to find the SWR was 1.5 or less across all the regular bands, rising slightly at the high end of 10m. The performance is absolutely great, and the build is solid. Depending on your antenna match you may also be able to use the WARC bands (with a limit of 100W).

    Really pleased with this antenna!

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