CMC-0510-R 0.5-10MHz


DISCONTINUED! RX Common Mode Filter Choke /  Noise Suppressor / RF Isolator

The common-mode filter or choke may be one of the best-kept secrets…

  • Multi-Zs™ Technology
  • Covers 0.5-10MHz
  • Common-mode attenuation: ~47dB
  • Choking Impedance >8,000 Ohms
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CMC-0510-R Common Mode Filter Choke / BALUN/  RF Isolator

This is the one and only Common Mode Filter Choke / BALUN for 0.5-10 MHz on the market. It has over 8,000 Ohms of CMI (Common Mode Impedance) on 0.5-10MHz while maintaining a Resistive  part of CMI for a wide range of frequency spectrum.

  • Use it for Receive antennas like Beverages, BOG’s etc.
  • Perfect to cure RFI/EMI problems on RX (receive).
  • Great noise suppressor!
  • Common-mode attenuation is up to ~40dB max. (measured in 50 Ohms systems)

It is a cure for noisy locations, reduce the noise floor of your receiver by several S-units instantly.  Our CMC-0510-R has huge Resistive values of Common Mode Choking Impedance, see the chart for actual measurement data.

Unlike other companies, we do not claim unrealistic impedance values or frequency coverage. Most important, the value of CMC-0510-R Common Mode Choking Impedance and its Resistive (Rs) part is always higher than Reactive part (Xs) over the working bandwidth. This parameter, Rs>Xs ensure that our CMC will NOT increase common mode currents as could with inferior coaxial cable chokes.


Only chokes with Resistive (Rs>Xs) CMI- Common Mode Impedance stops and dissipate unwanted RF or noise coming to your equipment for sure.

CMC-0510-R Features:

  • SO-239 PTFE (Teflon®) or BNC-Connectors
  • PTFE (Teflon®) insulated coaxial cable .
  • The Enclosure is UV stable and could be used outside.
  • Zmag-Impedance Magnitude     
  • Rs-Series Choking Resistance      
  • Xs-Series Choking Reactance

*ICAS = Intermittent Commercial and Amateur Service

Additional information

Common-mode attenuation:

~37dB maximum

Frequency Range:

05-10 MHz


PTFE/silver SO-239 connector, BNC-female connectors


(L x W ) (in / mm) 7.00 x 2 in. /25 x 51 mm


1.1 lb (0.49 kg)