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NEW! 2kW ICAS Broadband transformers and EFHW antennas

After few beta testers, we started building and selling two new transformers capable of 2kW ICAS.

The new transformers MEF-330-2K (3-30MHZ) and MEF-310-2K (3-10Mhz) are the product of the constant search for best designs in order to satisfy the need of some users wanting a reliable EFHW antennas capable of withstanding the longer periods of transmission with high power without overheating the transformer which results in a change of Ferrite material.

It is known that every RF broadband transformer has insertion loss which converts to heat into ferrite core which after reaching its curie temperature (not saturation) changes the properties of transformation ratio and results in elevation of SWR of the antenna.

These two new transformers use ferrite material with higher curie temperature and larger cores in order to dissipate the heat easier than smaller transformer like MEF-330-1K (1kW ICAS version).

Results are great, MEF-310-2K has an only 0.14dB loss on 80 and 40m  while MEF-330-2K average the loss of 0.55-0.6dB from 3-30Mhz.

New antenna model, EFHW-8010-2K is already in production and will satisfy many users wanting to use them in CW/Phone “rag chewing” style of operation as well as DXpedition and contest style of operation.

The new duo-band model EFHW-7540-2K will come out soon with unique feature covering the 75m (3.8MHz)  and 40m (7-7.3MHz) bands without use of traps and only 110ft long. It will satisfy many users wanting to have single wire antenna capable of legal power on phone part (75m) as well as the whole 40m band with low SWR.

Stay tuned and Happy Holidays,

Danny Horvat N4EXA aka E73M