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NAVASSA-5 Antenna

It has been almost five years since first MY5T antenna was sold and tested in Germany back in 2010. Antenna was produced by me in Bosnia Herzegovina but due the lack of  building material  I have decided to move the MyAntennas back to USA. While I was figuring out how to make the antennas in my home state of Florida,  I was contacted by JKantennas LLC, an antenna producer in New York, and MY5T/My5F model has been licensed for production to this high quality manufacturer.  It was agreed to change the name of antenna to Navassa5 and to be distributed and sold exclusively by

As I have no intention to produce such antennas at this time, my focus shifted to high quality antenna accessories such as BALUNs and Common Mode Filters etc.

  •   More info  about Navasa5 is available here  and VSWR charts are here.