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  • OCF dipole wire antenna ~65Ft long 
  • 14 AWG tinned Black PVC insulated wire
  • Covers  40/20/15/10m
  • Power 3kW ICAS
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OCF-4010E-3K OCF antenna (Windom)

The OCF dipole wire antenna also known as Windom antenna fed at 19% from one end. Current type 4:1 (200:50 Ohms) BALUN is another product designed for OCF antennas (Off Center Fed) also known as Windom antenna. Dual cores, a total of two (2) 2.4 inch (61mm) wound with PTFE  wire is the best CURRENT  BALUN design used with unbalanced antennas. It covers 1-54 MHz with almost perfect VSWR terminated into 200 Ohms load, see the VSWR curve at the gallery. Unlike some competitors, we do not make unrealistic power rating claims. Our OCF Windom 3k will handle power ratings up to the legal limit of 1500W in the USA and elsewhere beyond. It is rated at 3kW ICAS.


BALUN Enclosure is an injection molding of PBT20-Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBTthermoplastic polymer) material filled with 20% glass fiber. This UV Resistant/Weatherable polymer offers impact strength, heat resistance (melting point 223 °C, or 433 °F) as well it is an excellent electrical insulator.

VSWR values were taken with  Rigexpert AA-30 Analyzer.  OCF 4010E-3K antenna was at 20 feet above the ground and fed with 100 feet of RG8X coaxial cable.

OCF3K BALUN Insertion Loss
OCF3K BALUN Insertion Loss
OCF3K-BALUN-VSWR terminated with 200 Ohms load
OCF3K-BALUN-VSWR terminated with 200 Ohms load

*ICAS = Intermittent Commercial and Amateur Service

4 reviews for OCF-4010E-3K

  1. JE2DZC (verified owner)

    Very good working ! are no needed tuner. I am using it Inverted V style.

  2. Sergio LU3XCC (verified owner)

    LU3XCC – 12-06-2017
    Hace 1 año que la uso. Muy buen resultados, buenos DX
    Translation to English:”I have been using it for 1 year. Very good results, good DX”

  3. Marcelo dos Anjos (verified owner)

    I have been using this antenna for a couple of months and can confirm the other reviews.
    It is made with very good quality material, it is easy to install and so far the performance in both 20 and 40m bands is great.
    I have been using it with an ICOM7410 on digital modes and have worked hundreds of stations around the world.

  4. Chris – KC2YSO

    This antenna does exactly what is claimed.

    Very low SWR on all advertised bands without a tuner.

    VERY well made.

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