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  • OCF/Windom Dipole antenna ~133ft long
  • 14 AWG tinned Black PVC insulated wire
  • Covers  80/40/30/20/15/12/10m
  • Power 3kW ICAS
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OCF-8010E-3K OCF antenna (Windom)

This is OCF Dipole antenna also known as Windom antenna fed at 19% of one end(19/81% ratio). Current type 4:1 (200:50 Ohms) BALUN is another product designed for OCF antennas (Off Center Fed) also known as Windom antenna. Dual cores, total of two (2) 2.4 inch (61mm) wound with PTFE  wire is the best CURRENT  BALUN design used with unbalanced antennas. It covers 1-54 MHz with almost perfect VSWR terminated into 200 Ohms load, see the VSWR curve at the gallery. Unlike other companies, we do not claim unrealistic power ratings. We are sure it will handle all you have up to a legal limit of 1500W in the USA and even more. It is rated at 3kW ICAS.

BALUN Enclosure is injection molding of PBT20-Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT thermoplastic polymer) material filled with 20% glass fiber. This UV Resistant/Weatherable polymer offers impact strength, heat resistance (melting point 223 °C or 433 °F) as well it is excellent electrical insulator.

OCF-8010E-3K Features

  • So239 Teflon/gold pin connector
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • 14AWG tinned stranded, black insulated wire

VSWR values were taken with  Rigexpert AA-30 Analyzer.  OCF 8010E-3K antenna was  at 20 feet above ground and fed with 100 feet of RG8X coaxial cable.

OCF3K BALUN Insertion Loss
OCF3K BALUN Insertion Loss
OCF3K-BALUN-VSWR terminated with 200 Ohms load

*ICAS = Intermittent Commercial and Amateur Service

7 reviews for OCF-8010E-3K

  1. Jim Davis N0DNY

    I put up my OCF antenna on the 4th of July, and I simply wanted to let you know that I am delighted with it. I’m getting great signal reports in spite of the lousy band conditions, and have broken through some DX pile-ups that I could not with my other dipole. I am pleased with the “receive” side, too. Thanks for a great antenna system. Jim Davis N0DNY

  2. Erich OE3OSB

    Perfect work !!!! It is a so perfect work. Each of all parts, are high quality. Thanks for this vy nice looking product.

    Vy 73 de Erich OE3OSB

  3. Bruce Osborne

    Have a Yaesu 8900R and it’s picking up channels on all the bands with excellent receive and transmit. Thanks for making such a fine quality antenna!

  4. Mark W5MHG

    Mark Goodrum (W5MHG)

    My Ham buddy and I replaced my G5RV with the OCF. Getting great reports and great ears! Super product.

  5. W2LEW

    I have owned mine for 2 weeks now. Have it at 50ft between a couple of Pine Trees. Running 100w, and have made many contacts in spite of noisy band conditions. This Antenna is FB

  6. Blaine K5UOT

    Here we go again! Put the OCF-8010E-3K up over the weekend(10 June) at Ute Lake state park in New Mexico out standing antenna! I also have the EFHW-8010 at my home. No amp used. All reports Perfect leave it alone. Still more than 5 Stars. 73 K5UOT!!!!

  7. Lee–W8SMF

    I put up a EFHW-4010 with the feed point at my tower and running to a tree at a height of 45 feet. To take the strain off of the thin wire, I used a heavy dacron rope as a messenger with the wire tie-wrapped to the rope every six feet. The VSWR was as advertised–until it rained. The wet rope detuned the antenna enough to make it inoperative on 40M. I spaced the wire about 4 inches below the messenger rope, and it works fine. Always learning something new about ham radio antennas!

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