EFHW-7510-14AWG-wire assembly


  • Wire assembly, 132 feet, 14AWG for EFHW-7510-antenna models
  • Insulated with chemically cross-linked polyethylene – XLPE
  • Smooth surface finish
  • Resistant to moisture, grease, oil, gasoline, most acids, and solvents
  • Superior abrasion and UV resistant
  • Bare copper
  • Temp rating: -59°F (-51°C)  to  257°F (125°C)
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This wire assembly can be used with existing EFHW-8010 antennas, the MEF-330-2K and MEF-330-1K transformers in order to have coverage of 75M ( 3.9MHz) band with low SWR while the other bands SWR remain the same as in EFHW-8010 antenna… see the image of SWR measurement at 75M with MEF-330-2K transformer aka EFHW-8010-2K model.