EFHW 1500W capable transformer MEF-330-HP

It has been a long search for suitable materials and quite a few experimenting has been done to design a high ratio (~50:1) transformer for EFHW antennas capable of high power (1500W ICAS). In the same time,  it was hard to cover the wide range of HF spectrum from  3-30Mhz, yet I did it again! I […]


New line of single band Dipoles MY-DP-160-10M

MyAntennas.com is launching a new line of single band Dipole antennas for all Bands from 160-10m. Dipoles are featuring:  high-quality PBT material housing for 1:1 BALUN wound with PTFE coaxial cable capable of at least 3kW ICAS on all bands. Stranded #14 AWG black tinned wire with simplex wire clams and black high impact insulators. Removable Simplex […]


CMC- Common Mode Choke as noise reducer video by AC0HF

I have been writing about great results I and many others had with the use of CMC- Common Mode Chokes as noise reducers when inserted in your coaxial lines. Many CMC’s  have been sold by MyAntennas.com and many positive reports came from happy customers. Please see the great video report  by AC0HF who demonstrated reduction of […]

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