MY5T, Five-bander

10 elements Multiband Yagi design for 20/17/15/12/10m bands on 3.95 meters boom. More »

MY3W, WARC tribander

5 elements WARC Triband Yagi design for 30/17/12m bands on 2.96 meters boom. More »

Radiating element

Closeup of radiating element used on all antenna models. More »

MY5T antenna

Antenna at dusk, Mt. Nishici, E73M contest station More »

Transmission feed line

Closeup of transmission feed line of MY5T five-bander More »

MY5T More »

Antenna on test tower at E73M contest station More »

MY2W, WARC Duobander

4 elements WARC duoband Yagi design for 17/12m bands on 2.96 meters boom. More »



MY5T 5 band final antenna design has been tested. Since 2010 Antenna has been tested by few BETA users, DJ2MX, E74A and E75C for a  longer period of time. The VSWR curves can be seen on its main page along with radiation patterns per band. First shipments are expected very soon.

MY515 at E71A

Emil, E71A a world know contester ordered custom made 15m monoband antenna.MY515 features 5 elements on 9 meters boom optimized for maximum gain and low VSWR across the band. I named it MY515 since the boom is a bit longer then standard W2PV design I converted into MPV5 design  antennas as made for my contest location,  see it here: