MY-DP160-10m single band half wave dipole antennas

  • 3kW-max. ICAS
  •  1:1 BALUN included


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MY-DP160-10m Single band half wave dipoles with 1:1 BALUN 3kW

This is a single band wire dipole with 1:1 Balun /3kW for amateur radio bands 160-10m.

Various installations such as horizontal, vertical, sloper,inverted V etc. are possible.

  • Frequency coverage: 1.8-30MHz
  • Power Handling: 3kW I.C.A.S
  • Stainless Steel hardware
  •  #14 AWG Tinned black wire
  • Connector: Silver/Teflon SO-239

The length of each half wave dipole models are:

  • MY-DP-10m is 16.5 feet long
  • MY-DP-12m is 18.8 feet long
  • MY-DP-15m is 22.1 feet long
  • MY-DP-17m is 25.8 feet long
  • MY-DP-20m is 33 feet long
  • MY-DP-30m is 46.2 feet long
  • MY-DP-40m is 66.5feet long
  • MY-DP-60m is 88 feet long
  • MY-DP-75m is 122 feet long
  • MY-DP-80m is 132 feet long
  • MY-DP-160m is 257 feet long



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MY-DP-10M, MY-DP-12M, MY-DP-15M, MY-DP-17M, MY-DP-20M, MY-DP-30M, MY-DP-40M, MY-DP-60M, MY-DP-75M, MY-DP-80M, MY-DP-160M


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