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MEF-110-3K Multiband EFHW Antenna Transformer,  Covers 4 Bands 160/80/60/40m  / wire not included / One End Insulator included

  • High Power capability – 3kW ICAS
  • LOW insertion loss ~0.25dB
  • NO TUNER needed


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MEF-110-3K Multi-Band End Fed Half Wave Antenna Transformer

Now you can make your dream low band antenna with just 259 feet of wire (~79m) and operate on five bands without the use of tuner at legal power using as much as 3kW ICAS.

Features massive ferrite core weighing 1.25 pounds (0.57kg) and very low Insertion loss

This is an End-Fed Half-Wave antenna (EFHW) transformer covering 160/80/60/40/30m amateur bands or any frequency in between. It transforms high impedance ~3000 Ohms at the end of the half-wave radiator to 50 Ohms and features very low insertion loss.

  • NO TUNER needed!
  • NO counterpoise needed! (Grounding recommended)
    • Just adding a wire radiator of ~256 feet makes this antenna resonant on 160/80/60/40m.
    • The wire of ~133 feet will give you low VSWR on 80 and 40m.
  • Frequency coverage: 1-10MHz
  • Power Handling: 3kW I.C.A.S
  • Weight: 2 lbs. (0.95kg)
  • Hardware: Stainless Steel
  • Connector: Silver/Teflon SO-239


Just add 1/2 half-wave wire to this transformer and tune the length to your preference. Note that the antenna will be working on multiple frequencies. Half-wave for 160m (~256 feet) will be two half-waves on 80m and four (4) half-wave on 40m band. If you desire to use it on  30m or new 60m band only, just cut the half-wavelength wire for that frequency or any frequency from 1-10MHz. The wire length can be calculated by the following formulas:

  • Length (feet)= 468/Frequency (MHz) or
  • Length (meters)=142.5/Frequency (MHz)

Always cut a wire a bit longer to allow for tuning to your desired frequency. Tuning depends on height above ground and nearby objects. There are so many ways to install the wire and your imagination is only limit. You can do it horizontal, vertical, sloping, an inverted “L” shape, Horizontal “L”, in “inverted “V” shape, etc.

Such an antenna will not need radials and in most cases NO Tuner at all. Be a HAM and do some experiment.

Grounding at the lug next to the SO239 connector is recommended! Long wires tend to collect electrostatic charge (usually when the weather is stormy) which can produce ESD (electrostatic discharge) at the end of your cable and damage your equipment.

4 reviews for MEF-110-3K

  1. John7Jack

    After one day of testing I believe this to be a great multi-band antenna. I have it installed as an inverted L or slopper L configuration. My testing was done using the digital mode WSPR, comparing it to my 160 inverted L. The inverted L was a better performer only on 160. On 160 I saw an 8 to 10 db gain with the End-Fed over the inverted L on stations in the 0 to 500 mile but into Europe and South America the inverted L had a distinct advantage. The MEF110-3k end-fed was outstanding on 80, 60, 40, and 30 meters, far superior to my inverted L. The VSWR was acceptable on all bands without a tuner, although a tuner of course made it perfect. Looking forward to enjoying this antenna and it’s simplicity and doing a little experimenting. Without a doubt the best and simplest multi band antenna I have ever tried.

  2. Bill

    I use 250′ into trees. It’s resonance is near 1.9 Mhz, and I use remote tuner to manage 3.8 +/- and have very good success. My height on 160 is a compromise, but the 75 meter result is nearly comparable to an inverted dipole at 50′. Well built and have had it up through winter. I did have some snow and icing and tightened up the PL259 which cured some of the issue. 1.5Kw works nicely with insulated 14 ga stranded insulated house wire. Use bow and arrow to string it up. Still continue to work to orient the wire in best direction. Will be adding a coil of 20 turns on 1.9″ PVC @23′ to get additional coverage on other bands.

  3. Jack zukowski

    Up-Date on the MEF-110-3K. After using this antenna for over a month in two configurations and testing using the WSPR mode to evaluate performance on transmit I must say that this antenna is a spectacular performer! Also I find it to be quieter than my inverted L, in many cases by two S units. In my latest configuration a long sloper supported in the middle it has been superior to any wire antenna I have ever used. I am feeding it 8 feet above the ground with two above ground 1/4 wave radials at 8 feet running north and south. Great Antenna!



    VE7DXF AND K9TIC MEF-110-3K AND CMC-130-3K . I have ordered there is a ham K9TIC Jeff in Boise ID I washis first contact 59 PLUS..we teamed up k9tic made contacts ALASKA , California etc was a roundtable. i am inpressed k9tic with your END FED MEF-110-3K 59 PLUS..thank you for input.- so ask info from Danny he was very helpfull and and sept 05 2019 i ordered the MEF 110-3K and CMC 130-3K Tnx k9tic and Danny will have reply soon reports on this antenna tnx 73 VE7DXF Donny

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