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EFLW-1.5K End Fed Long Wire Antenna   / 160-6m / 1500W-max. / Standard #16 AWG XLPE wire with end insulator/  TUNER needed /



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EFLW-1.5K End Fed Long Wire Antenna

This is an End Fed Long Wire wire antenna that will cover all bands from 160 to 6 meters, including the WARC bands, as well as 60 meters and MARS frequencies. It utilizes a 9:1 UNUN transformer in order to bring the impedance of the antenna to more manageable values for your antenna tuner. For some frequencies, a wide range antenna tuner might be needed.

This is an affordable wire version of popular 43 feet vertical antenna. Our wires start at 44 feet but longer length is recommended for coverage of 80m or even 160m band. It all depends on of available room you have to install this antenna.

It is a great antenna for HAM radio operators living in HOA controlled housing, hams desiring a very stealthy RV antenna, Field Day operations, sailboats, portable operating, attic and backyard installations, ARES and RACES, etc.

  • Frequency coverage: 1.8-54MHz
  • Non-Resonant on any amateur radio band, TUNER is needed.
  • Wire length 44, 53, 73, 88 or 117 feet available
  • Standard #16 AWG XLPE wire with end insulator.
  • Power Handling: 1.5kW I.C.A.S
  • Stainless Steel hardware
  • Connector: SO-239

Additional information: 

Terminated into 450 Ohms load, VSWR on 9:1 UNUN is almost flat from 1-30Mhz ( see the measured diagram in the gallery), This is not SWR of the antenna. This antenna Needs a wide range TUNER to operate.

  • 9:1 UNUN has very low Insertion loss, from less than 0.1dB at 1.8MHz to 0.25dB at 28MHz, additional loss of whole antenna system could be expected from mismatch on the coaxial cable and Tuner losses (see the diagram at the gallery of S21 measurement of two back to back 9:1 UNUNs)
  • The transformer is wound with PTFE (Teflon wire) on two (2) 2.4-inch diameter Ferrite toroids in order to handle 1500W at any frequency.
  • It takes only moments to deploy the antenna. Pull the wire end into a tree, hang it off the balcony, hook it to a pole, hook it to a building and you are on the air making contacts.
  • Most HF ham bands can be tuned by the tuner on your radio.  NOTE: to tune all HF ham bands an external tuner may be required.
  • It could work without counterpoise (Coaxial cable has to be at least 25 feet long) but grounding at wing nut next to the connector is recommended.
  • This antenna can be hung in many different configurations. It can be hung as a sloper, an inverted L, hung in a straight line, zigzagged, vertical, horizontal, etc.
  • Antenna polarization is determined by your installation. Vertical, horizontal, or both can be accomplished.
  • Due to possible common mode currents on your feeder, we recommend using CMC-Common Mode Choke/Line isolator such as CMC-154-3K to keep RF away from you and your equipment. It will also help you receive by filtering induced noise from various sources.
Insertion Loss and VSWR measured with 450 Ohms load
Insertion Loss and VSWR measured with 450 Ohms load

Additional information


44 feet long, 53 feet long, 73 feet long, 88 feet long, 117 feet long

2 reviews for EFLW-1.5K

  1. Alexander N0AAR

    I purchased my EFLW-1.5K, 73 foot version and all that I can say is
    that that this antenna works great. I live in Delaware and I am
    getting very strong signal reports on 40 and 20 meters.

    At first, I was kind of hesitant to buy this antenna because I thought
    that the power was going to get “burned up” in the 9:1 unun. that is
    definitely not the case. This antenna performs!

    I have grounded the antenna to a standard 8′ ground rod. There is
    about 30′ of wire going from the matching network to the ground rod. I
    will be adding more grounding soon.

    I am running an FTDX-1200, AL-80B and a Palstar AT2K. I am also using
    the CMC-130S-3K Common mode filter where the coax enters the shack. No
    RF on the equipment, no RF in the audio and beautiful signal reports.

    This antenna is easy to install and you can use a coax feed that is
    close to your shack. I am using RG-8X.

  2. Ken Dunn

    I am an SWL, so was looking for a good EFLW for reception on the HF bands. This antenna exceeded all expectations. Extremely well-built and featuring an excellent design, this affordably priced antenna has pulled in signals I had been unable to hear before. I would highly recommend this antenna. P.S. I purchased the 117ft version.

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