This product is replaced with new  transformer MEF-107-2K-Plus and wire assembly  EFHW-16040 sold separately 


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EFHW-16040-3K Multiband band  End Fed Half Wave Antenna

This is an End-Fed Half-Wave (EFHW*) antenna for 160/80/60/40m. Unlike many END FED antennas on the market, this one does not require the Antenna Tuner to operate. It is a resonant Half wave on 160m (1.8MHz) therefore also resonant on the second harmonic of 3.6MHz, the third harmonic of 5.4MHz and fourth harmonic of 7.2MHz. 

*This is perfect antenna for DX-ers  

Various installations such as horizontal, vertical, as inverted V, as inverted L, etc. are possible. 

NOTE: the minimum height for a horizontal portion of the antenna is 0.1 wavelength above ground (~50 feet or 15 meters for 160M band)

  • NO TUNER needed!
  • NO counterpoise needed! (Grounding recommended)
  • Frequency coverage: 1.8/3.6/5.4/7.2MHz
  • Resonant on 160/80/60/40m
  • Wire length ~259 feet
  • Power Handling: 3kW I.C.A.S
  • Stainless Steel hardware
  • Stealth #14 AWG XLPE black wire
  • Connector: Silver/Teflon SO-239



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