BALUN 1:1 BL2006-3K

  • Covers 14-54MHz
  • Power 3kW ICAS
  • Choking Impedance 6000-8500 Ohms
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BL2006-3K BALUN 1:1 (50:50 Ohms)

This Current type BALUN is perfect replacement for your Yagi antennas with a boom of 2″ (51mm) diameter.  It covers 14-54MHz and will be perfect for any multiband  antenna such as Navassa-5, Cushcraft A3S, A3W A4S with add-on kits, Hy-gain TH3, TH5, TH6DXX, TH7 and TH11 or any WARC multi/single band antenna. Our BL2006-3K has huge Resistive values of Common Mode Choking Impedance from 14-54MHz of HF spectrum, it even covers a 30m band with over 5000 Ohms choking impedance, click the chart in the image gallery for actual measurement data. Unlike other companies, we do not claim unrealistic impedance values or frequency coverage. Most important, the value of Common Mode Choking Impedance and it’s Resistive (Rs) part is always higher than Reactive part (Xs) over the working bandwidth. This parameter, Rs>Xs ensures that your antenna will be balanced and your coaxial cable will not become part of the radiator and destroy radiation pattern and front to back (rear) ratio. To further improve your antenna system, add complementary CMC-154-3K on the other side of your feed line to reduce induced common mode currents and suppress noise from various sources.

BL2006-3K Features:

  • PTFE coaxial cable with inner and outer insulation on 1 large 2.4″ (61mm) Ferrite core for maximum Choking Impedance and bandwidth.
  • SO-239 PTFE (Teflon)  crimp connector and stainless steel hardware and connecting studs.
  • Enclosure with mounting bracket for easy installation on 2″(51mm) boom antennas. The enclosure has been tested for UV (Ultra Violet) exposure for past eight years with no impact on a material.
 14.15 61005400 2700
18.1 700066002200
21.2 7600 75001500
24.9 8200 8200 400
28.3 8600 8600 -900
50.1 86005900-6200
  • Zmag-Impedance Magnitude     
  • Rs-Series Choking Resistance      
  • Xs-Series Choking Reactance

*ICAS = Intermittent Commercial and Amateur Service


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