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Summer Break 2018, June 28th – August 4th

Summer Break at As we did last year this summer break will last from June 28 – August 4th when we will resume shipping the products sold during the break in order as they were received. Some design and experimental work will be done during that time at our Contest location-E73M in Bosnia. I am […]


2017, another record year at

As expected 2017 was another record year at with thousands of products shipped to 106 DXCC countries all over the world. Our products are becoming very popular among HAMs with great positive reviews resulting in growing demand for EFHW antennas and CMC’s as our bestsellers. This morning on January 2nd, 2018 we were surprised with another […]

MEF-107-2k+NEW High Power EFHW transformer for 1-7MHz

MEF-107-2k+NEW High Power EFHW transformer for 1-7MHz

The MEF-107-2k+ is new high power EFHW antenna transformer(~50:1 ratio) designed  with massive 1.25 pound (0.57kg) ferrite core, equivalent of almost six (6) 2.4-inch toroids and very low insertion loss for frequencies from 1-7MHz Insertion loss measurement S21 with two back to back transformers shows only 0.18dB (4% power loss) at 160m and 0.28dB (6% power […]

Field Day 2017

Field Day 2017

The FD 2017 is just around the corner.  During the Field Day, 2016 many used our popular EFHW-8010 and EFH-4010  models and reported excellent results. This year we added many products to our website including installation plates  (pole, tower etc.) for our EFHW-1K version as well as EFHW-HP version.  Recently we added a transformer  MEF-330-HP  (used […]

New! wire assemblies in #18 and #14 sizes

New! wire assemblies in #18 and #14 sizes

We listen! Some of you expressed the need for thicker 14ga wire more suitable for harsh environments with snow and sleet. We added also our standard 18ga wires for those who often tie the wire to moving trees and forgot to leave some slack. Anyway, they are all available at our “Accessories” section, see the link below. […]


Shipping DXCC award, almost!

It has been just little over two years since started its production operation in Florida.  Being avid contester and DX-er I wondered how many countries (DXCC) we ship our products to in these two years. Well, with the recent addition of Barbados (8P) we placed a pin #97 at our DXCC world map. See the image […]



The new CMC-130S-3K  is an economy version of already popular CMC-130-3K  with 0ver 5000-10000 Ohms of CMI (Common Mode Impedance) or ~40dB attenuation in 50Ohms systems on all HAM bands 160-10m Priced at $59.95 it greatly outmatch any similar size product on the market.  


NEW! 2kW ICAS Broadband transformers and EFHW antennas

After few beta testers, we started building and selling two new transformers capable of 2kW ICAS. The new transformers MEF-330-2K (3-30MHZ) and MEF-310-2K (3-10Mhz) are the product of the constant search for best designs in order to satisfy the need of some users wanting a reliable EFHW antennas capable of withstanding the longer periods of transmission with […]


EFHW 1500W capable transformer MEF-330-HP

It has been a long search for suitable materials and quite a few experimenting has been done to design a high ratio (~50:1) transformer for EFHW antennas capable of high power (1500W ICAS). In the same time,  it was hard to cover the wide range of HF spectrum from  3-30Mhz, yet I did it again! I […]


New line of single band Dipoles MY-DP-160-10M is launching a new line of single band Dipole antennas for all Bands from 160-10m. Dipoles are featuring:  high-quality PBT material housing for 1:1 BALUN wound with PTFE coaxial cable capable of at least 3kW ICAS on all bands. Stranded #14 AWG black tinned wire with simplex wire clams and black high impact insulators. Removable Simplex […]

End Fed Antenna EFHW-8010-1K

EFHW-8010-Is this the ultimate ‘magic’ antenna?

 Is this the ultimate ‘magic’ antenna for HF? This is the question I found at some forum topic named “Smoke and mirrors, or electro-magic” Well, until all popular antennas such as G5RV, ZS6BKW, CHA-250, 43-foot verticals, End Fed long wire with 4:1 or 9:1 UNUNs, Open wire Doublets, Skyloops, etc.  magically evolve into 8 band […]


NAVASSA-5 Antenna

It has been almost five years since first MY5T antenna was sold and tested in Germany back in 2010. Antenna was produced by me in Bosnia Herzegovina but due the lack of  building material  I have decided to move the MyAntennas back to USA. While I was figuring out how to make the antennas in […]


MY515 at E71A

Emil, E71A a world know contester ordered custom made 15m monoband antenna.MY515 features 5 elements on 9 meters boom optimized for maximum gain and low VSWR across the band. I named it MY515 since the boom is a bit longer then standard W2PV design I converted into MPV5 design  antennas as made for my contest location, […]