Shipping Info

Image result for priority mailAll shipping is via US Postal Service Priority Mail and Priority Mail International. UPS & FedEx available by special request. We ship within 48 hours excluding the Saturday and Sunday.



  • Domestic shipments (USA) are FLAT RATE of ONLY $11.99 
  • Canada shipments are FLAT RATE of ONLY $24.95 
  • International shipments are FLAT RATE of ONLY $34.25, up to 10 products. Take advantage and order in bulk for clubs or friends.
  • Stated value for Customs will be actual cost.

Delivery Times

  • Domestic- 2-5 business days which includes Saturday. Some rural areas may require one additional day.
  • International- 6-21 business days but can vary based on the time required by the Customs Service in each country for processing.